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Twilight Party

Here is my New Moon party invite that I just created on Oct. 23.

I know that a Twilight themed dinner is not typically themed as a couples dinner party... but nevertheless it's still a party and I wanted to share it with you. If any of you are even considering this party then read this post for some fun ideas. Some of which are my own thoughts, and others are ideas from other fans and blogs.

Invitation Ideas
These cards can be downloaded for free at
Twilight party invitations can be as simple as printing a bookmark from an online site and writing the information on the back...Who, What, When, Where...and not only will your guests have an invite, they will have a bookmark too.

You can't go wrong by presenting each invitee with a red apple tied around its stem with a red satin ribbon. Attach a tag on the ribbon with the formal invite and party information printed.
Another option is to make your own invites using black, white and read patterned paper and cardstock. These cards were taken from the twilightations website. If you would like her to make you some custom cards for your party go to her Etsy shop

Outside Decor
You might want to hang a sign on the door to alert party goers that they are now entering Forks: something like Welcome to Forks with one arrow labelled Werewolves pointing to the left and another arrow labelled Vampires pointing to the right would get a laugh. Since all guests were asked to bring a Twilight themed snack to share.... this welcome sign on the door only seems fitting. (from Alissa in Arkansas' party)
Wall and Ceiling D├ęcorIf you can afford it, buy yards of the red satin ribbon and suspend it from the ceiling with thumbtacks. You can print out some pictures of the cast of Twilight and put them into picture frames and scatter them about the room. Get white Christmas lights, and get fake flowers, and when you pop them off the plastic stems, they have holes in them. So you can put them over some of the lights. In the main party room: Your job here as hostess is to create an appropriately Twilight atmosphere. Start off with more twinkly lights, both red and white, hung everywhere. To make a misty sort of Forks-y feel, tack white or gray tulle fabric from the ceiling and, for the ultimate Forks touch, have a fog machine going. Fake trees, especially Christmas trees, would make for a nice oh-no-we're-in-the-woods-now ambience as well.
Table Decor
Red, white, and black. Because this is not a dinner, but a movie viewing party with appetizers the places to decorate are slightly different. First set up a table or countertop for putting all the appetizers, dessert plates, napkins, and forks. Set up a table or area for a punch bowl . Some suggestions are black or red tablecloths, and centerpieces can be the icons from the book covers… make a large chess piece from a white Styrofoam block, have white red tipped tulips in a clear vase, some silky red ribbons strewn around the table randomly, your twilight book or books (of course) and a red apple prominently displayed around the base of the large chess piece. Fill jars with red, white and/or black candies. These can serve not only for decor but as treats and favors. Scan/print the covers of books and place in black frames around your home. You could also frame photos of characters from the movie. Make a bloody candle by dripping melted wax from a red candle around a white candle. Use these in a centerpiece as a subtle accent. Fill a clean lined bowl with bright red apples.

Everywhere around the room, put as many Twilight-themed decorations as possible: display the books prominently; hang Twilight movie posters hither and thither; placed framed photos of the characters and of the Cullen family crest on tables and shelves; set bowls of red apples, vases of red and white parrot tulips or fire and ice roses, and oversized chess pieces everywhere you look; fill jars with red, white, or black candy.

Use black netting over a red tablecloth for a nice textured effect.
A red satin ribbon would make a great napkin ring when tied on a black napkin.
Make a bloody glass by dipping the rim of a glass or goblet into a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring. Let drip down glass. It will set up slightly so you can make these ahead of time.

Red tissue paper hung in arches all over wall

Books on display
Anything red and black
Quotes on posters (ex: and so lion fell in love with the lamb)
Silvery decorations
This is from breaking dawn but it would be so cute if you had a little "beachy" corner that can be labeled "Esme Island". Put a couple fold up beach chairs, palm trees, sand, buckets and it can be a fun place to sit around(most party stores have plenty of beach things)
Use a fog machine and umbrellas to give the effect of Forks, Washington - rainy and misty. (ideas from

Twilight DECORATIONS a la Alice Cullen
When thinking of decorations for a Twilight Halloween party, more is better. Think extravagant. Think expensive. The goal is to make the place look like it was decorated by Alice Cullen herself. However, considering the average Twilighter doesn't have access to unlimited amounts of cash as do the Cullens, getting the general feel of Alice's decorating is the most important thing. First of all, the party venue absolutely must be decorated with white twinkle lights, both inside and out, since this is Alice's favorite way to light up a party night. A budget-minded party planner might string up two or three sets of lights (as opposed to the thousands of lights Alice would use). Fresh flowers on every flat surface are a must as well, but if you have a tight budget, a single bouquet of brightly colored flowers as a centerpiece would work. Or, if you want to be clever, use fire and ice roses as a shout-out to the New Moon book cover. Red apples would be a great touch, placed on tables, on shelves, even in the restroom, to represent the Twilight book cover. White tablecloths, with contrasting red napkins and red table runners will create a striking look, reminiscent of the book covers. Red and white candles everywhere will evoke a Twilighty mood.

Dye white/vanilla chocolate coating red (you must use an oil based food coloring - Chefmaster makes a good one) and place it in a chocolate fountain. Serve with a variety of dippers including red apple slices.
Decorate with red/white and black edible glitter (or rainbow glitter - as Edwards skin sparkles in the sunlight). Check out edible glitter and crystal sugars. Serve apple shaped cookies.
Cream Cheese Sheet Cake is a perfect medium for piping various Twilight themed words such as Edward, Vampire, Wolf, Bella, blood types, and OME. The cake was served on Forks.
To make the cupcakes below: with a white cakemix make 24 cupcakes. Frost with vanilla frosting, sprinkle with red candy's or edible glitter, stick a plastic fork into it with a quote placed in the prongs.

Create cupcakes with a red jam filled center (scoop out top and fill with jam after baking and replace top or insert piping tip and fill with jam). Frost with white icing. Poke two holes in the top and make a small crescent shape to look as thought it was bitten. Drizzle a tiny amount of red jam or red piping gel from the bite mark to look like the cupcake is bleeding.
If you are really talented create the Cullen crest on cookies or a cake.
Oriental Trading Company sells candy that looks like medical blood bags.
Add red food coloring to any type of cake, pudding, drink, etc.
Check out the cupcakes below. You can make them by frosting cupcakes with vanilla frosting, then rolling them in green sprinkles (to be authentic roll in red sprinkles to make a red apple), stick in a pretzel with mint leaves for the stem and then take the "bite" out with a child sized fork and add a few chocolate sprinkles.(sprinkles can look like seeds, or just put two across from each other to look like dracula fangs) from

Apple Beer comes in really cool black cans with red apples on them. It would fit well in a Twilight themed party.
Use red paste food coloring in butter and pour over popped popcorn. You could also drizzle popped corn with red candy melts.
Serve red hard candy or lollipops.
Serve baked apples.
This gorgeous white, black and red cake could be used for a Twilight or New Moon party as Bella's birthday cake. Even though it is not as the one described in the book, the colors are totally Twilight and it's a cake!

Play Twilight soundtrack or these songs suggested by author Stephanie Meyer:
The Twilight Soundtrack (according to Ms. Meyer):
1. "Why Does it Always Rain on Me?" — Travis
2. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" [video edit] — My Chemical Romance
3. "Creep" [radio edit] — Radiohead
4. "In My Place" — Coldplay
5. "By Myself" — Linkin Park
6. "Dreaming" — OMD
7. "Please Forgive Me" — David Gray
8. "Here With Me" — Dido
9. "With You" [reanimation remix] — Linkin Park
10. "Time is Running Out" — Muse
11. "Dreams" — The Cranberries
12. "Tremble for My Beloved" — Collective Soul
13. "Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)" — Billy Joel
COSTUMESThere are many obvious choices here. The "Before Bella" costume could be as simple as a pair of sweatpants and simple t-shirt. The "After Bella" costume would be a sleek, silver dress and sparkly make-up all over any exposed skin, including the face. The easiest Jacob costume would be a wolf suit. Anyone dressing as Edward, or any of the other vampires, should brush their face with pale foundation. A really cool touch would be to wear golden colored contact lenses. There are many other possibilities, including the Volturi (black cloaks and cowls), bad vampires (red eyes!), "Prom Bella," "Wedding Bella," and even "Pregnant Bella." Any of the Cullens would be excellent costume choices. And any of the other vampires from Breaking Dawn would be great, since there are so many to choose from.
1.Twilight trivia Twilight bingo. Make bingo cards and use stickers or write character names in each of the boxes. Write down each word or sticker you use on small pieces of paper. Fold the paper up and put it in a bowl. These papers will serve as your bingo balls! Have the caller pick one and read it, while the players cross off their boards.
2.Fill fortune cookies with twilight quotes, or read off a quote and let's see if anyone knows who said it. Almost everything can be made into a game.
3.Play movie
4.Bobbing for apples
5.Treat guests to their own personal Alice by hiring a fortune teller to stop by for the evening:
Make red apple-shaped cutouts (one per guest) and number them from 1 to however many guests will attend your party.

When guests arrive, offer them a glass of red punch (with red ice cubes, natch) and ask them to pick an apple from the pile (flip the numbers so they face down and guests can't see the numerals).

Have guests see the fortune teller in the order of their apple numbers. Ask guests to find the next person to go after their turn is over. This will keep guests moving in and out of the fortune teller area efficiently and smoothly throughout the party.

Serve red velvet cake
Potluck red, white or black appetizers
Serve red punch or soda.
Create bottle wraps around red soda bottles using vampire stickers from


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