Monday, August 11, 2008

A Crazy Idea? Maybe. But it will be fun!

Now that I feel mostly recovered from my stroke last summer and have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy self I am ready to do another dinner party. Make that 12 dinner parties. Let me explain. First of all, we had so much fun at that dinner party last summer, and we learned better how to host one... we feel excited and ready to do it again.. and again... and again. Being dinner hosts took an initial investment in some large tablecloths, dishes, and serving platters, but now we have most of what we need and it just requires some individualized accesories, table centerpieces, and invitations. I have decided to host with my husband Jeff a dinner party for adults (we may cheat and do ONE family dinner party around the holidays)for the next 12 months- with one each month till July of 2008. I will use this blog to plan, prepare for and share the dinners with anyone who reads this blog. Our first dinner party was held on a Friday night in mid August.

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