Friday, December 5, 2008

A fun night of Soup and Socializing

After dinner conversations

Hosts: The Goebel's

The Jorgensen's

The Malone's
The Cheney's

The Robison's

The 'other' Goebel's

The Cranney's

The Allen's

It was such an enjoyable evening with new and old friends. We were rushing around till about 6:50 trying to get all the last minute details taken care of ... like water on the table, tableware and all the food out of the oven. Everyone helped bring part of the meal. Here is the menu:
Green Salad
French Bread
Crackers with cream cheese and Raspberry Chipotle jelly
Taco Soup
Potato Ham Soup
Chocolate Cake
We played the old standby... a favorite of all the groups. I gave each couple a slip of paper to write down something that they had done together as a couple. I will only share a few of them... although they were all really great!
  • One couple went sky diving on a Fourth of July
  • Another couple have lived in 42 homes during their married life
  • One wife made reservations for their first honeymoon night while on their way to that hotel following the wedding ceremony
  • One couple parasailed over Lake Tahoe
  • and one couple kissed in an international airport while onlookers applauded and cheered.

And the others were interesting and funny too....

I know that I need to get a copy of Anita's taco soup. I'll get that posted as soon as she shares it with me.

After the dinner when our kids were back home and in bed, Jeff and I just sat worn out in our recliners and reviewed the evening. We both feel that these parties are some of the best things that we have ever done. We love that preconceived ideas of how certain couples are are either proved right or wrong... but it's always good! We found that some couples who we knew were wonderful really are!!! And others that we had only shared passing comments with at church (or none at all) were very kind and funny! I wish so bad that we could get these new friends back to our home soon! We have a few more months to get the rest of our church friends over... but once we have had everyone over then we plan to repeat and do it again!


elesa said...

So I have a couple questions. Do you ever invite single people from the ward? Do you do all age groups? Do you very often have people not show up?

NorthLasVegasmom said...

O.K.... Do we invite singles? Yes... we actually don't have many singles in our ward.. but we did invite all 6 of them to our Murder Mystery Night because it was not as formal an affair and would not be awkward for them. We only had one of them show up! I knew ahead of time when they did not RSVP that they didn't plan to come. Though a few said please invite me again! So... we'll probably invite them back to our tailgate party which is another more informal gethering.
Do we do all age groups? Yes, we do. We purposely invite a variety of ages because I've noticed at church than many times the different age groups tend to stick with those of their age. So.. we like to mix it up and so far, we have loved doing it that way. Last night's party was a perfect example of how we all can sit around despite our different ages and backgrounds and have a lot to talk about and really enjoy the kinship of the gospel.
My sister has commented that she wouldn't do parties inviting people they don't know or really care to know.. but we have loved finding out that every single person in our ward is awesome and a potential friend!
Do people sometimes not show up? Rarely. I have to admit that most people in our ward are looking forward to their invitation to a party so most do come. We have had a total of two (of the 48 couples) not respond or acknowledge our invite so... I'd say those are excellent odds! We have a few couples who, due to work schedules, have been invited, called up to say that they cannot come this month but ask that we keep inviting them until we can come. So we have a small list of those people to reinvite.
Only twice have we had people RSVP that they are definately coming and then call last minute that they are not coming. So... we will probably invite them back the last month or so.

Steph said...

I love the new look of your blog. Very fun.

elesa said...

I love it! The blog looks great!

Michelle & Steve said...

I think that these sound like so much fun. We're just sad that we moved just when they were starting up! At least I feel involved via your blog!

Christy said...

Maggie, I have been following your blog and love the parties! I am trying to convince myself to start them in Littlefield. I had fun looking at your blog and seeing Randy Robison. How fun that he is in your ward! Tell him hi for me next time you see him! Tell Jeff hi for me too! and you have beautiful kids. Next time you come to Mesquite we'll have to get together, Christy