Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dinner Party Ideas For Fun and Memories Between Friends

There is nothing better than to spend time having dinner with friends. The socializing over dinner and the fun sharing is the way memories are made. For you, coming up with great dinner party ideas is the most fun of all. What kinds of creative dinner party ideas including colorful decorations, meals with a theme, or costumes would you and your friends enjoy. Giving a dinner party for friends and family is one way to let your creativity show through and to feed your craving for cooking wonderful new dishes. Get ready to decorate the house, plan the menu and call your friends for an evening of fun.

Consider some of these dinner party ideas for your own.

1. Why not have the girls over one night and send the boys to a game? While they are being loud and cheering their team on, you and the girls can relive the old times and have yourself a good, old fashioned tea party. Maybe you have a tea set passed down from your grandmother or aunt form long ago. If not, why not find some unique pieces at a thrift store. You need not worry about the sets matching, just make them beautiful. They will only cost you a few dollars each and the girls can take their individual sets home as a momento of a lovely evening between friends. Serve finger sandwiches, tea, and petite desert slices. If you like, have each lady dress up in their favorite old century dress. Vintage clothing stores have things you can buy and you can make a day of it together trying to find your outfit.

2. What about dinner party ideas that allow those friends and acquaintances you have to meet each other for the first time. The best idea is to have what is called a traveling dinner party. Each person begins in a seat of their choice. When each course is served, the guests must get up and move to a new seat sitting beside someone they have not been next to previously. This gives them the opportunity to meet new people in a fun and comfortable way. You can also go the distance and move from house to house in the neighborhood for each course.

3. There is nothing so nice as to have a picnic and this is also one of the simplistic dinner party ideas ever. This is especially nice for those with a big back yard or a great park near your home. The menu is to be light summertime meals including fruits and cold food. Why not dress for the occasion in your favorite Shakespeare garb. Light candles or teak torches to give it a nice and comfortable feeling when the sun goes down.

Now you have some great dinner party ideas to get you started. There is nothing which will be out of line if you and your friends enjoy it. Anything will make for wonderful dinner party ideas to bring you and your friends together once again.

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