Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Start Your Own Gourmet Dinner Club

Not only is this blog a place to share the dinner parties that my husband and I host, but also a place to collect ideas for future parties for myself and anyone looking at this blog to do their own parties. I came across an article on a blog about a dinner club/dinner group and thought it sounded like a great idea for any of you who want to party every month, but share the work and the cost with friends. It's a great idea... I may try it some day.

Some groups call it their Gourmet Club; others name it a Dinner Club. Whatever these clubs are called, they're all about groups of friends who share a passion for food - both cooking it and eating it. They usually meet every 4-6 weeks and share a special meal.
Some groups use these clubs to be adventurous and experiment with new cuisines or gourmet ingredients, unlike the recipes you would find at a typical church potluck supper. Some are based on a theme, for example, apples to celebrate autumn or a beach party to welcome summer.
In some cases the host couple for that month (the home where the party is held) plan and cook the entire meal while other guests will have their own turn at doing a full meal later in the rotation. Another method is to give out food assignments making each month a potluck. In this case the host is usually responsible for the main course. In some clubs the host of the month plans the meals, in others the group gets together to plan it. The typical size of these groups range from 8-12 members.
Here are tips for organizing and running your own Dinner Club:
Decide the overall club objective. Is it simply camaraderie? Are you looking for a gourmet experience?
Invite friends who share similar food interests and skill levels to join the club. You don't want novices to be intimidated by professional chefs in the group.
Determine a set schedule for the club in advance, such as the second Saturday of every month.
Decide how the menus will be planned and where the food will be cooked.
Establish how many courses will be served, and how they will rotate among members.
Discuss whether budget is a consideration, and if so, what it will be.
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