Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Parties: Marta Tyler, Valentine Dinner

Valentine Hosts: Marta and Chris Tyler
****Reposted from last February.... I thought it could help any of you planning Valentine parties this year****
Last night I hosted my very first Valentine’s Party. I have always loved Valentine’s day, mostly because I love the colors pink and red, fancy hearts, and food. I mean really….what NOT to love about those things?? So I invited some friends over to spend the evening at our home to play a few games and share some delicious food. I asked everyone to bring an item to display at the party that represents something that is special to them. Whether it be a photo, card, an item or pretty much anything that they have kept that means something to them. The girls had a fun time pouring over the stories and items that people brought, and of course the guys really could have cared less.

Glazed Ham (glaze was 1/2 c. orange juice, 2 c. pineapple juice, 1 c. honey, 2 c. brown sugar)

Roasted Chicken
Cheesy Potatoes
Potato Skins (potatoes with cheese, bacon bits and sour cream)
Spinach Salad
Sliced Fresh Fruit Bowl
Broccoli Salad
Homemade 'heart-shaped' rolls with raspberry butter
Dessert was individual chocolate bundt cakes
Then it was time to Eat!!!! Thanks to Everyone who brought food to help!! Jamie your roasted chicken was amazing!!! All of the wives thoughtfulness really helped make it easier for me!! Notice the floating ducks. They blinked!We set up the tables for 24 in the front formal living room. These cute take-out boxes were the favors. One for each couple to take home.
Doilies are only cute at Valentines.
Us girls hanging out around the kitchen island seeing everyone's relationship momentos.
7-up with floating pink punch ice cubes that turned the drink to slush as they melted. Yummy!
Finally everyone sat down for dinner. I was really happy that I was able to fit all 20 people at one table. Okay, lets be honest. It was KIND-OF a tight squeeze…..but we’re all friends, right?? Pretty soon, the laughs were rolling out, and the teasing had begun. I love sitting around a table and visiting with friends. It’s such a relaxing thing to do, and I love nothing more than hanging out, over a big plate of food!

While waiting for everyone to show up we hung out in the back room and got everything together.

After everyone had finished eating we started our first game. I had decided to host a Valentine’s Auction, and unfortunately, had to nominate myself as the auctioneer. I gave everyone a list of criteria, and if they met that criteria, than they were able to collect the amount of designated points for each question. (See the dollar auction game a few posts below). They added up their total, and I gave them monopoly money that matched the amount they totaled on their forms. Then….they were able to bid on the items with that money.
I had kind-of forgot to create rules before… by the end things were getting a little out of hand, but I’d have to say that there was some good bidding going on. Ryan Brunson had the standard bid of $199.00…no matter what the prize was. Some of the contestants were a little stingy with the money and acted like they had forgotten that it was indeed “fake” money….ahem….Kari….., Matt was cheating, I think, and I even think Matt stole Eleisha’s money. I’m not sure though, but she sure didn’t look happy with him.
The game was alot of fun, and I think everyone got a kick out of the random items they ended up with.
After the auction, we played the game, “2 Truths and A Lie”. We went around the table, and it was hilarious to hear and learn so much about everyone!! Kari once peed her pants on a date, Eleisha flashed everyone on a beach, Joe “helped” blind people…..the list goes on. Needless to say, it created conversation that will mostly likely last months for topics of discussion. I thought it was a really fun way to get to know the other couples, and I feel like every time we get together we learn a little more about each other. I find out I like everyone more and more!
Thanks everyone for a fantastic evening, and I’m so happy I was able to spend it with my closest friends! I hope a good time was had by all, because I know I enjoyed myself!!!

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maggie, i love your dinner party ideas - totally inspired to hold one of my own, but im sure it won't be anywhere near as good..will blog post about it though so you can see :)
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