Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Organizing your own Amazing Race Part 1

To make this as a Dinner Date. (mine was done as a family night activity) you will probably need about 4 hours from beginning to end for the game and dinner so try for a Saturday.You could:
1. Start with dinner/lunch then after the meal have couples/teams do the race.
2. Do this on a Saturday and begin a couple hours before dinner. Have guests meet at your home at 4pm for instructions. Divide into teams. Then have dinner at the finish line.... a restaurant or at your home. Do a crockpot dinner that can cook unattended or sandwiches and salads that can be prepared beforehand.

The Family Handbook was created by printing text on bottom right side of letter size orange cardstock. Then document was folded in half lengthwise. Glued to top was the 'Amazing Race Family Edition' logo. Use image from previous Amazing Race post. Inside portfolio is a 'yield' card, locations of clues, rules, map, and riddle sheet.
Riddle sheet.
Inside handbook. Rules and Yield.
A few of the many friends who came tonight!!!! Notice they are all standing on the pitstop mat!

The group meeting at the park just minutes before the race began.

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