Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christmas Gift Wrapping Party

How it works:
You provide wrapping supplies and food. Ask each guest to bring some presents to wrap and one roll of wrapping paper so you have a variety.

Whom to invite:
Three to five friends. If you have plenty of counter space or are comfortable having people wrapping gifts on the floor, then you could invite more. It's a perfect time to catch up and escape nosy family members.

Invitation or e-mail:
Evite is a great quick way to send to lots of internet savy friends. Not to mention the reminders they can receive up until party day comes. If you have time then make some invites.

No decorating is necessary. Most likely your home will already be decorated for Christmas One optional idea is to wrap the outside of your front door in wrapping paper and add a big bow. A nice touch would be Christmas paper products for refreshments. Don't forget Christmas music!

What to serve:
Have drinks and ice set out for everyone to serve themselves. Fill bowls with chips, nuts and fruits. Have plates of sandwiches made up ahead of time. You can also make cheese and cracker and veggie and dip plates.

Game Plan:

Two weeks before-
Deliver or mail invites. Since it is a BUSY month it would be wise to email them and give them a heads up in November.
Stock up on wrapping supplies. Buy tape, collect extra scissors (or ask them to bring their own)
A few days before-
Email a reminder or call and remind.
Buy snacks/refreshments

Day of-
Set up a work space. Clear an area (counters, floor, dining table)

You'll need:
6 rolls wrapping paper
4 to 6 pairs scissors
4 to 6 rolls tape
4 spools ribbon
2 packages stick-on bows
1 package gift tags

Get appetizers on platters, refrigerate drinks

original idea from Real Simple magazine - December 2008 issue

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