Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to start your own Supper club a.k.a. Dinner Group

I had heard about supper clubs, but I wasn't sure what it was. To read more on this subject see my other posts ( Cooking Light had a great article explaining how to start one, tips for hostesses, and for the themes listed below you can get printable invitations, menu, recipe cards, and place cards. Check it out!!!
A supper club is, in many ways, a glorified potluck dinner. The food is often excellent, the company is entertaining and the work is split evenly between the friends in the club. Although we often consider quickness of food service to be more important than taste or quality, a supper club turns this concept on its head. Time is the least important consideration, while the quality of the food and the friendship is paramount.

Tip Sheet (this is a great resource open it up and check it out!) - Plan an organizational meeting to plan: How many and Who will be in the group? How often will you meet? What day of the week will you meet? Will the club cook together on site? Will it be potluck by couple? Who will host party? Will menus be themed? and many other questions you will need to answer.

Here are basic guidelines to think about....
Step 1 Invite your friends. You may want to include old friends or new friends in your entertaining. It doesn't matter, as long as they enjoy cooking and are passionate about their food. You can select a small group or a big group, depending on the space you have available.
Step 2 Choose a menu. Your supper club may want to concentrate on a specific type of food: Thai food, Italian food, vegetarian food or comfort food. You may choose to vary the menu from time to time.
Step 3 Divide up the cooking. The host of the supper club will usually prepare the main course with the guests bringing side dishes, salads and desserts. More accomplished cooks may choose more complicated dishes, while beginning chefs may choose simpler fare.
Step 4 Set a schedule. Some supper clubs meet every other month, some meet quarterly. You can do whatever works for the members of your group.
Step 5 Take turns visiting each other's homes. Supper clubs usually rotate between the homes of the various members. This way no one is committed to always making the main dish or preparing their home for entertaining guests.
Step 6 Cook, eat and enjoy. The entire purpose of a supper club is to eat good food while spending time with people you like. Take the time to enjoy this delightful style of entertaining.

Themed Parties (you have to check these out!!!)

The Other Side of the Mediterranean (gorgeous invites and placecards)
Southern BBQ (leather looking invites and placecards)
Pan Asian (fun! the menu sheet will be fun to fill)
Homestyle Italian (not my style, but still cute)
The Exotic Flavors of India (beautiful invite and recipe cards)
The World of Japanese Cuisine

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