Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mexican Fiesta plans

This party has creeped up on me. Yesterday I had to get working on decor. I first went into my party closet and looked at what I have.


2 black fabric ones
6 raspberry red fabric ones
3 white fabric ones
50 ft. black plastic on a roll
assorted patterned ones

I want BRIGHT fiesta colors so I decided that I will get some bright plastic ones at the store

25- red stitching with bamboo placemats
A couple neutral fabric ones
Christmas ones
16- Red polyester woven ones
22-Red, yellow, green, white, blue patterned plastic ones - Fiesta style

I'll use the last ones mentioned obviously!

Neutral ceramic plates (enough for 16) but they'd probably clash a little with the placemats.
Assorted bright solid paper plates, cups, and napkins
A few leftover patterns from past parties or from clearance racks
20 Red plastic (reusable) dinner and dessert plates

We have enough silverware and plastic ware. I've decided to go with the red paper plates and desert plates, patterned cups for the juice, solid napkins wrapped with raffia with silver ware tucked inside, and crystal goblets for water.

Wall and Ceiling Decorations:

Nothing for the Fiesta theme
I'm going to look for papel picado (see picture above) and some wall murals. I already have a large Mexican boy to put somewhere as well.

Other Details:

Small Cactus centerpieces tied with a ribbon and tissue paper

Mexican chip and salsa bowls (some borrowed from sister Marta and others of my own)

Chip baskets for the tables

Paper mache fruits and vegatables for centerpiece

6 small maracas

A bag with flowers hanging on the front door that says 'Viva la fiesta!'

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