Monday, March 16, 2009

Your Parties: Rosa's Sweet Sixteen Twilight Party

I want to thank Rosa and her mother for sharing this party with us!
"On May 9 , 2009 we had Rosa's (my daughter) sweet 16 birthday party with a Twilight theme."
Because this party was going to have a people of all ages...from 2 to 78 were there,
we decided on subs and chips. to the right of the chips were the strawberries dipped
in chocolate. Everyone loved those!
Believe it or not we did the decorations on the cheap. The table clothes were purchasedat Dollar Tree. The ones we used on the round tables we were able to cut in half. The rose mylar balloons were also purchased at Dollar Tree. As for the ceiling decoration, white christmas lights, with white tulle I got at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents a yard, and abag of 300 red rose petals from Dollar Tree. And it really made the room pop!

Rosa entering the room on the red carpet.
We placed this at the entrance of the room. It says "Happy Birthday Rosa You are now Sweet Sixteen Look after my heart I've left it with you ~ Edward".
All written in Edward's font. Everyone signed it in silver sharpie and now we are framing
it to hang in her room. We used simple black cardboard paper and rose scrapbook paper
Rosa and Mommy( i decorated the room and the time left to decorate mommy)
How many girls can we fit with Edward??............................. SIX!!!!!!!
This is one of my favorite photos. Seanna (Rosa's sister) got her this Edward blanket.
When Rosa opened it, Seanna said "Did you really think I wouldn't get it for you."
Mom, Dad, Rosa, and sister Seanna
My Mom made this cake. It is decorated the same on the other side. The quote on
the bottom is " Look after my heart I've left it with you." Yes, it was red velvet!
I got these balloons from windy city novelties and they light up!! Everyone loved them.

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kara @ kara's party ideas said...

awesome party! thanks for sharing! good job rosa's mom! you're daughter is very lucky to have you. way to go on everything!