Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1950's BBQ

The Rogers

The Wilhites

The Millers

The Chubbs

The 'younger' Miller's

The Dabrowski's
The Goebel's

What an enjoyable evening it was having dinner with 6 more couples from our church. This group was a more serious bunch, but nonetheless it was wonderful to get to know them and hear some interesting stories from their lives. Many of them have lived through the 50's and shared some great stories about those days. We learned about their Chevy Bel Air's, the music, the dances, dating, and family trips from those times. The food was great!

The guests (with what they brought)

The Rogers- pumpkin cake (tasted like a pumpkin roll)

The Chubbs- Oriental Salad

The Wilhites- Potato salad

The Millers- Potato Salad

The Dabrowski's- Rootbeer floats and Orange Cream Bundt Cake

The 'young'Millers- Cheesecake

Us- Hamburgers, condiments, and the most delicious corn on the cob!

The company was great and as always it was an enjoyable game. Here are some of the things that I learned about people-

One couple's 2 year old daughter was kissed by Elder Spencer W. Kimball on the head (in the late 70's)

One couple sang in Carnegie Hall.

One couple had a luau wedding reception with a photo of themselves plastered ALL over the cake.

One husband planned a trip out of town on his 40th birthday since his wife had thrown him a huge 30th birthday party.

One wife got stood up the day before the Homecoming dance so her best friend's older brother took her instead (and that lead to 11 months of dating and a quick engagement).

One couple was asked by the temple recorder before they were married if they were related.

One couple saw Nat King Cole in concert and went on their honeymoon to Sun Valley, Idaho and were vacationing with his parents and her mother in law would announce them as the newlyweds EVERYTIME she saw them. It was very embarressing to them.

These parties never get old for us. We are always looking forward to the next one.

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jenjen said...

It looks like you had a wonderful 50's party. I love the idea of the invitation on the condiment bottle. So cute!