Friday, June 26, 2009

Hawaiian Luau

The Goebel's

The Cleveland's

The Doty's

The Foremaster's

The Lauenstein's
The Cossman's

It's party time again this month. We thought that since it was summer, school just got out and the weather has been really nice... we would do a Luau Dinner Party. We had 5 couples from our ward attend. We have known the Lauenstein's and Foremasters for a few years, but the other 3 couples we just met in the last few months.
Celeste brought a veggie tray.
Juliett brought a Chow Mein.
I made Sweet and Sour Meatballs with rice and a Brocolli Salad
Kim brought Watergate Salad.
Bree and Brittany brought brownies (to eat with the vanilla icecream)

As always, we play the get to know you game where everyone writes down something that they did together or experienced as a couple. So here were the answers... you can guess who did what....
#1-They watched a Red Cross team do a "bone harvest" (organ donation) while they enjoyed a dinner from SONIC
#2-Almost lost engagement ring over the side of a dam
#3-Met while one of them were on a date with someone else
#4-First Kiss, Engaged, and First Date- All in one day!! (in that order!!!)
#5-They got into a car accident on their way to church two weeks before they got married. He blames it on her.
#6-Their first date was an overnight trip


Cassandra said...

I can't guess which quiz question was about Kim and Jason. Bad sister-in-law! What a fun idea to do the themed date nights.

Cassandra Cleveland

Kim Cleveland said...

Dear Maggie,

Thank you again for the invitation to come to your dinner party! We had a great time! All the food was so wonderful, decorations and settings superb, and we really enjoyed your company and getting to know you better! (We like you both a lot.) And it was fun getting to know the other couples as well. I felt like I had a fun connection when I saw the other couples at church which is neat when you don't know many people very well. How truly awesome it is that you do this for all the couples in our ward! What a true great service this is, especially for new move-ins like ourselves! And your blog is truly impressive! Thanks so much for a fabulous time!