Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog Swapping with Cher at Love, Actually

This is so much fun to be swapping blogs today!  It was a few weeks ago that I came across Cher's blog and knew that we were a perfect match for some swapping. I have asked her to do a monthly post about some kind of date that includes dinner. Her date ideas are 'Dinner Dates for Two'. I thought it would add a new dimension to this blog and I can't help but want to get to know her since she is such a creative girl!
Hello! How fun it is to be a guest blogger on Maggie's Dinner Dates today! My name is Cher and I run a little blog called Love, Actually: Creative Ideas for Romance on a Budget.
I'd love for all of you to come visit!
Maggie has a great thing going with her themed couples dinner dates... and on occasion, on my blog, I write about themed dinner dates as well...for two. Today, I have one of those to share with you.
Here is my rendition of "Wild West Night". Here are the elements that will make this night go off with a bang!

Wild West Saloon- Serve Sasparillas/IBC (bottled root beer) and greasy appetizers (we had grilled tortillas, mozzarella sticks, and chips and salsa with IBC rootbeer).

Wild West Shooting Range- What's the Wild West without a little gun action? {Rubberband gun action, that is.} I covered pop cans with scrapbook paper and labels I made, which you can download FREE on my blog! Using a rubberband gun or your fingers, shoot rubberbands at pop cans you've set up as targets. Establish how many shots/rubberbands each of you get and the reward for winning or losing (perhaps a back rub or dish-duty)

Wild West Poker- You can also download my WW Poker Chips for free on my blog! Write on the back of these "chips" certain wagers (each of you will have a set that is identical). So, there are 2 of each chip: (5 min. back rub, diaper duty for one weekend, etc.) Then, when you are betting your hand, you'll know what you could get…or what you could lose if you lose the hand!

Wild West Theatre- This is optional, if you wanted to watch an old classic western flick or maybe Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" (this doesn't mean I recommend this movie....just a suggestion).

Of course, on my blog, I'm always throwing out fun ways of "spicing up" the ordinary, so I suggest these two extras for Wild West Night.

1. Go to the bathroom while he's finishing his sasparilla and appetizers. Come out with a badge on acting as the town "sheriff". Place him in handcuffs (dollar store plastic cuffs work great!) and tell him he's going to jail for flirting with a married lady! You decide the punishment.

2. Get a cowboy hat, some boots, and something for in between that goes with the theme!

That's all I've got for ya... Thanks for letting me interrupt Maggie's fabulous posts! You can see my original post and lots of other fun and creative ideas for dating and romance on a budget over at Love, Actually! See you there!

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