Friday, March 12, 2010

Party Game- What's in My Purse?

The purse game (or pocket game if including men)

Have everyone sit in a central location with an empty chair (or table, etc) located within the center of seating. It is a race to find whatever is called within the confines of your purse ( or pocket, diaperbag, whatever). Whoever can find the called item and place it on the center chair first is the winner. The list of things should be unusual. Here is a list of things that would work.

Bobby pin
expired coupon
address book
movie stub
piece of jewelry
child's toy
takeout menu
piece of disposable silverware

You can make the list whatever you want, try to make them so it is likely at least one person if not more would have the item. You can play where whoever comes up with the most items is the winner or declare a winner for each one. You could also play in team, especially if men are present. Try to put items on the list that the men may have in their wallets. You could gear the list toward whatever kind of party you are having.

We have played this game many times and I hope you also have fun playing it.