Saturday, August 23, 2008

Asian Dinner Party- A huge success!!!

Last night, Jeff and I hosted a dinner party for a few friends in our ward. It was (I thought) a totally nice evening! I spent quite a bit of time in the last few weeks collecting some Chinese/Japanese items to display and use for dinnerware. I was able to use the chargers that I got for our Italian Dinner Party last summer. And some bamboo placemats we already had. It was a mixture of cliche Asian and authentic. I made invites, got RSVP's a week in advance and assigned out a part of the meal to each guest. I also had them email me the recipes they would use to make their dish so that I was able to make a small recipe book as a party favor for all guests. They turned out really nice. Those who came and what they brought were:
Marty and Allyson Mickelson- Adobo chicken (Phillipines) with brown and white rice
Nate and Kim Shaffer- Yakisoba (Japan)
Jeff and Maggie Goebel- Vegetable stirfry (chinese)and Brocolli Almond Salad
Dusty and Kris Hughes- Honey Pepper Pork with rice
Rod and Carrie Lambourne- Chicken and Pork Eggrolls
Kyle and Shauna Lainhart- War Wonton Soup
Josh and Tasha Sylvestor- Vanilla Icecream (to go with the pie crust fortune cookies I made)

We got started a little after 6:30- Mormon standard time (which worked for me 'cause Jeff and I were running a little late getting the last soup bowls washed). And the guests left just after 8:30. For our 'game' (I hate games) we opened a fortune cookie to find the question that we each would answer. That was a great way to get to know each other better and to laugh... laugh.... laugh. Here are some things that I learned:

The Hughes are totally adorable together... Dusty is super naive... Kris is a great match for him!!!

The Lambournes really are adventurous eaters and love to eat Sushi!!! We already knew that they were a nice pair.

The Sylvesters- two great people- cracked us up big time with their honeymoon story! I think we all should go try out the treehouse.

The Mickelsens kept me laughing so hard all night... I haven't laughed that hard in ages!!! You two rock!!

The Shaffers are awesome... but different than I had thought they were (this is a great reason to have these dinner parties because we get to know people on a different level) anyway... Nate I thought would be a shy reserved guy.....OH MY GOSH.. HE'S NOT!!!! And I thought Kim would be serious and very calm ... but she is a fun, NOT serious, and high energy gal!! They also had us rolling!

The Lainharts are the nicest couple, she is a sweetheart and he is funny but in a more subtle way. They are a perfect match too. We are glad to been able to get to know you better.

Anyway.... thanks to all of you who came! We would like to get the whole ward over to our home for a dinner party eventually... it will take about a year if we do these monthly. I hope you all had as good of a time as Jeff and I did. By the way... I know I will be using my Asian cookbook to make some of those dishes again!

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