Monday, September 15, 2008

Fondue Party- Guest List and Menu

I thought that for our "Do You Fondue? 70's Party" we needed to invite couples who would be willing to dress up in some 70's garb. So here are the 6 other couples I chose. I like to have a variety of couples and people who may not know each other very well. These are the guests I've invited and what I asked them to bring:

Susan and Bryce Thiriot- cheese Fondue
Lauren and Garn Crossman- 60-80 meatballs
Brooks and Josh Gailey- sliced apples and strawberries for dipping
Nahir and Jorge Mora- sliced apples and strawberries for dipping
Ashley and John Sellers- 2 loaves cubed french bread
Kathey and Kurt Rigby- 2 pound cakes cubed for dipping
Maggie and Jeff Goebel- polish sausage, brocolli, 96 potstickers and sweet and sour dipping sauce, chocolate fondue

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