Friday, September 26, 2008

Seventies Party details

Why Fondue?
When the new Deseret Industries opened up on our side of town I bought a few fondue pots. Then a year ago I was talking to various friends and I found out that some friends had pots as well and we all wanted to have a party, but no one ever threw one. So last month when I was trying to come up with the theme for this party I thought that it would be fun to have the fondue party, wear some retro clothes and have oldies music. I really got excited as I started thinking of the possibilities.
I chose some puky brown cardstock and printed the invite onto it. I cut skewers out of shiny silver cardstock, made a handle out of brown textured cardstock and cut shapes out of colored paper then cut small holes in them and threaded them onto the skewer.

I did a lot for the decor. First of all I got some items at Party City to hang on the walls and from the ceiling. For some strange reason the seventies party paperware was 50% off- I guess a 70's party is not a highly popular party theme. Anyway... I scored at the party store. I then went online and did a google search for 70's pinups. I found a website that had scans of those old Tiger Beat magazines from the 70's. So I saved many of the photos to my computer, then printed them out 5x7 size and framed a few and laminated a few. I used the framed ones (Maureen McCormick-Marsha Brady, Donny Osmond, The Brady Bunch, David Cassidy) on the tables as centerpieces. The laminated ones (Farah Fawcett, Tony DeFranco, Jackson 5, Donny Osmond) were used to decorate the chip and drink table. We had two 5 ft. disco figures on the wall, and some hanging spiral streamers.
Getting Ready

We really like to have assigned seating to make sure that people sit by couples they may not already know. But with this party being more casual I did something different. I had scanned a bunch of picture from the internet of different 70's sitcoms- The Jefferson's, Love Boat, Battlestar Galactica, Brady Bunch, Chips, Laverne and Shirley- then printed them out wallet size 2 of each, laminated them and put them next to the plates at the table.

I made sure to keep the matching ones next to each other so that couples would be sitting together. Jeff wrote the names of the shows on slips of paper, then had the couples draw a paper each to determine where they sat. It was great! That really mixed the couples up and then half an hour into the meal everyone grabbed their place setting and moved down 3 chairs to where they were sitting with a totally new group of people. I know that Jeff and I were able to talk to all but one couple (but they are good friends anyway... we talk all the time).

This is where I discuss amounts of food and future food suggestions.
Food we served:
Wontons- I made 96 and all but about 12 were eaten (the girls ate them when they got home from the sitter)
Meatballs- Lauren went above and beyond and made them herself- I think around 60. They went fast! I would probably do more next time.
Polish Sausage- I made a full package of Costco sausages. I could have easily made half that amount. Just 2 of those sausage packs at the grocery store would have been fine.
French Bread- I had requested 2 loaves...but since the couple that was bringing it couldn't come- I luckily already had 1 loaf and it was PLENTY!!! We had a lot left over.
Broccoli- I got the 3 pound bag of brocolli florets at Costco and steamed about 1 1/2pounds of it. It was really yummy... butwe had a lot left.
And I bought about 17 mini bags of chips and had them next to the water. Only about 3bags were eaten. It ended up being decor.

I did the chocolate fondue. We put the fruit and cake into cute individual servers and each person got their own to dip into the chocolate fondue. In the servers were:
Pound Cake-For dessert we asked for 2 loaves of pound cake. And they brought 2 loaves of angel food cake which was yummy. Now I know that we only need 1 loaf. Each person got 5-7 small cubes.
Strawberries and Apples- We had way too much. I had 2 different people bring strawberries and apples. We only needed 3 strawberries per person, 3 apple slices per person
Rice Crispies- I got those at Walmart and cut up about 3 or 4 large squares and spread them out to all 14 plates.

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