Friday, September 26, 2008

It was a Flippin' Sweet Party!








O.K. you would think that by party #3 we would be party pros. But we were still rushing around finishing up parts of the dinner long after the party should have started. We didn't eat till almost 45 minutes after the party started. Luckily everyone was a good sport and hung out and visited. Most everyone dressed up. We had some funky clothes and hair. Once the food all got on the table we managed to eat it up pretty quick. There were a total of 5 fondue pots- 3 with cheese sauce and 2 with sweet and sour sauce. Near the cheese was cooked brocolli, polish sausage, and french bread. Near the sweet and sour were homemade meatballs and chicken potstickers. If you want to know more of the decorating details then read the next blog that I will be typing up later. In the end everyone, but the Sellers showed up. They had to cancel today so I called the Lundts to see if they were free tonight- they were so they joined us! We had a total of 7 couples and all were so nice to have over. Since the tables were one long row we have learned that one problem in past dinner parties is that you only get to really talk with those next to or across from you. So to solve that I set a timer, and after almost half an hour everyone picked up their place setting and moved down 3 chairs. So we all got a new group of friends to talk to. I liked that. Anyway.... it was such a fun theme- but Fondue (I never would have guessed) is a lot of work. I would love to do this theme again... but it will have to wait until this 12 month partying is over with. We had chocolate fondue for dessert with sliced apples, strawberries, angel food cake, and rice crispy treats. At the end we played a get to know you game. Each couple had to write on a piece of paper one thing about them as a couple that no one else would know. We found out that:
1.One couple held hands for the first time in Disneyland
2.One couple has been in the Tokyo temple
3.One couple collects cars (real ones- not toys)
4.One couple's wedding date is recorded wrong on official paperwork-it's off by a whole week
5.One couple got together because she felt sorry for him thinking he was blind
6.One couple used a Swiffer mop to break into a car
1-Thiriot's 2-Rigby's 3-Crossman's 4-Mora's 5-Gailey's 6-Lundt's

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