Friday, October 17, 2008

Mystery Solved!

The winners... and look at their prize- FBI issue handcuffs

Kyle is very excited about his prize... and so is Melissa?

Holly Lee, Wendy Stevens and Andrea Dabrowski on the team who guessed way... out there.... they thought the illegal alien farm worker was having an affair with the pig farmers daughter in law so Jose killed the pigs.... motive is to get her off the farm

Andrea and Holly Jorgensen

The 'Older Husband' team (Joe Dabrowski, Mike Jorgensen, Jeff Goebel, Carl Stephens-not pictured) they would have won had they had a few hundred dollars more than the 'Young Husband' team

Jeff and Maggie Goebel(I was FCI- Forensic Crime Investigator)

The Stephens

The Hardman's

The Jorgensen's

The Dabrowski's

Our guests included:
The Dabrowskis
The Jorgensens
The Grimmers
The Shields
The Stephens
The Hardmans
Holly Lee
and of course we were there!!
It was a fun night with friends from Sierra Ranch Ward. We had a great group of people- some I've known for years, others for a few months, and a few I had never spoken to before. Our guests were the couples you see in the photos above plus Holly Lee. It was a great turnout considering there was a big ward primary practice this evening.
Most everyone brought food to share. We had plenty! We had chicken wings, dips and chips, bacon covered waterchestnuts, fruit salad, lemon cake, candy apple brownie squares, cookies, and brownie bites. Before we even played the game we visited, then introduced ourselves as Detective _________ and told where we were born and raised and an interesting fact about ourselves. We learned that most of us don't think we are that interesting... which is not at all true.... many of our spouses shared very interesting facts about us. We then started the game. We had 4 teams of 3 or 4 players. Each team got clues and money (for bribery and to use in the auction). It was fun to watch how the teams tried to get clues from one another. I was quite impressed in the end that 3 of the 4 teams had the answer- it took about an hour from beginning to end. The tie was determined by cash in hand and the 'Young Guy' group made up of:
Jordan Shields
Andrew Grimmer
Kyle Hardman
won because they managed to not spend a dime!!! They even began with only a hundred or so while other teams started with closer to $500. So they were the definate underdogs and they pulled ahead and won. Their prize???? A pair of handcuffs for each of them, of course. Here is a photo of Jenn absolutely going red and dying on Melissa Hardman's lap as she sees how happy Jordan is to get the prize.

The evening began at 6:45, we ate and visited till 7:30, an hour later we visited again until about 9. This party felt different than the others in a few ways. First of all I did not get to visit with everyone as I have been able to at other parties, but I enjoyed watching everyone interact and having fun. I also was glad that my own husband was able to participate. I know he prefers getting into the fun rather than being an observer. He had planned on helping me, but decided to join in since he didn't know the answers for the case and we had room for an extra man. The Grimmers and the Shields both showed up almost at the same time. Both couples are really nice. I think everyone was a lot of fun and getting to see a 'nonchurch' side of them is nice too.

Detective Stephens he's his teams banker....just chillin'

Visiting after the case is solved.

"Girls...look at my man... he's got his tools!"

Jenn Shields and Maggie

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