Friday, November 7, 2008

The Indoor Weenie Roast - a wonderful night with friends

Erin and Kindle Spears- Telling all of us about how they hooked up.... all the following photos were taken as the rest of us were listening to their great story!!!

The Sandovals- Danielle and Yoezim

Maggie and Jeff Goebel

Crystal and Jason Thiriot

Steve and Sarah Jones

The gang

Trish and Garrett Tucker

Kristen and Jason Scott

Ashley and Brett Watts

Juanita and Mike Dill

The party has been over a couple hours and our home is looking like its old self (except for 4 Christmas trees in the living room). It's hard to believe that there were 18 of us here visiting, laughing, and sharing lots and lots of stories. These are the couples who came:
Jason and Crystal Thiriot
Yoezim and Danielle Sandoval
Kindle and Erin Spears
Steve and Sarah Jones
Mike and Juanita Dill
Brett and Ashley Watts
Jason and Kristen Scott
Garrett and Trisha Tucker
Jeff and Maggie Goebel

We began with dinner- BBQ hotdogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, salsa, and lots of drinks and apple crisp with chocolate chip icecream. After dinner, it was close to 7:30 we had the game that we usually have at every party which is- "Guess which couple did this"

We really got to know each couple better as they shared fun little details about their married or dating lives. It is late and I can only think of a handful of moments but a few of them are:
One couple got engaged with a landfill as a backdrop
Another couple spent their honeymoon in an arcade
One girl bought her wedding dress before she and her 'then boyfriend' had even discussed marriage
One guy's bishop got him to break up with his girlfriend and tried to help him pick out a new girlfriend
One couple on their honeymoon were given a room with two twin beds because the hotel employee thought they were brother and sister
One couple became a taco on their deflated air mattress while vacationing

I really enjoyed this party! It was actually probably the most relaxing party we have had yet! It could be because I already knew the guests and already consider them all friends. Also.. I think I spent less time having to plan and worry about this party. It was not stressful at all. Though I was up late last night working on the Christmas trees. What I really enjoyed was that we were all able to talk and listen to each other. At the other parties we were all seated around long tables which made conversation with every guest almost impossible. But sitting in the big circle while eating on our laps really facilitated some great conversation. It was fun. Thanks to everyone who came. It was so yummy and fun and a great way to spend our evening. Well.. I've got to get to bed since tomorrow morning at 8:30 is the book club.


Crystal said...

Thanks Maggie for the great time!! It was great time.

Trisha and Garrett said...

Thanks for the invite! We had a great time! It seriously was one of the most creative and fun parties we've ever been too! Thanks again!