Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Progresso Party

I had to share this little conversation that I had yesterday with my visiting teacher companion and friend Danielle Sandoval.
She came to our last dinner party and had a fun time. We were talking at her front door about our party theme ideas. I said, "Hey... we should host a party together. A progressive dinner would we fun!" She looked at me kinda strange for a second (I get weird looks from people all the time) anyway, then she said, "That would be fun. What's a Progresso party?" I was confused for a second then realized that she thought I meant like a 'Progresso soup' party. Yuck! So I quickly corrected her, "No. A PROGRESSIVE Dinner Party. Like... we'd come and have appetizers at your house, an entree at another and then dessert somewhere else." She realized what I meant and we were both totally busting up.
That would be fun! We would just need to find one more hostess.


Jenn Shields said...

I would totally join in and be a hostess!! Dessert and Rockband, that would be really funny to watch.

Steph said...

I'm up for hostessing as well. Let me know.

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I'm excited to see a few of you so willing to help me host a progressive dinner. I'm thinking I'll do it after January. Cause I really want to do the Chinese New Year party at the end of January and then for Valentines... February would be nice to have a progressive dinner. I was thinking that we could agree to each invite 2 couples so we could potentially have a total of 9 couples... but most likely not all invited couples will be able to attend (due to inability to get a sitter, or other plans) so we'll probably have closer to 7 couples. And we can determine who brings what to the meal. Anyway.. it's a lot of fun to have dinner parties. You'll see..