Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Makeover for this blog

I have found a few different designers who do blog designs and have narrowed it down to Leelou blogs. She is a very talented designer who has a style that I love! She seems to be able to do just about anything! I have some high hopes for this blog. My husband and I are having such a wonderful time hosting these parties that we think we may keep going indefinitely. We may move them to quarterly parties once we hit the year mark, but I think we will always be hosting some kind of party.
With all the leftover scrapbook papers and embellishments I have I could make invites and decorations for many years of get togethers. And friends are always saying... "hey, I had an idea for one of your dinner parties..." I love that my friends and family love the idea as much as we do and are always there for me to bounce ideas off of.
Last night I spent at least an hour on looking for a good photo to put on my header and I found a few that I really like.
Because I want this blog to be ongoing and not just end in July at our 12 month mark.. I am seriously considering changing the name to something more encompassing. Like Maggie's Potluck Parties. I have also thought of something more generic like 'Themed Potluck Parties' I still have a little time to work on it. I also need to decide on a 'sub title' or description on the blog header. I think what and how long it is will be determined in part by the illustration.

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