Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year Details

Piecrust fortune cookies- inside each was a question for guest to answer

A couple guests brought food from Panda Express for their potluck item

The morning after.... decor still hanging

This is a fun ceiling banner

We used many of the decorations from the Asian Dinner Party we hosted 5 months ago, and found some inexpensive hanging accordion style red paper lanterns. We had some white silky fabric with red Asian print and beading on it which we threw in the middle of the table and put some lit candlesticks on it.
The table set up to comfortably seat 16 people.

Table Setting
We put black plastic over all the tables, bamboo placemats, gold chargers, with Chinese paper products like plates, napkins, and cups. I had bamboo looking plastic soup bowls, Asian style ceramic soup spoons, and chopsticks for each guest.
It was potluck style and everyone was assigned to bring a main dish, side dish, or appetizer. The few guests that did not come were assigned main dishes so we mainly had appetizers to eat. But it still turned out great! Read post below to see what food was served.
Party favors from Chinatown.... cheddar flavored rice crackers, fruit flavored gum and chopsticks

I had guests take their own chopsticks home with them. Also by each place setting was a package of rice crackers and on the buffet was a bowl of Chinese chewing gum in very cute packages.

My Thoughts on this party
It was a theme that I totally enjoyed and I think the guests did as well. Everything went as planned. I mentioned about the food. Even though we did not have many main dishes it all worked out and the appetizers that we did have were wonderful! I think for our future Chinese New Year parties I will just ask people to bring what they want and not worry about duplicates or that it fits in any certain category. I may also ask a guest to bring the dessert. I think that I will always do the soup and salad. Those are fun to do and I love my soup and Chelsea's salad was awesome!

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Andrew said...

What an awesome DIY decor for the ceiling.Check out for gr8 party ideas and themes.

It's a great site to send out all your online invites and thank you cards from. Plus u get to upload photos and videos from the party to share with your guests