Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I organize our method of Inviting Couples

My normal method of inviting goes like this:

Get a copy of the ward list.

Email or call the couples in the ward ahead of time and feel them out (this step is only necessary if you need an RSVP which I like to have)

Make invitations and deliver two weeks in advance

Three or four days before the dinner/party get RSVP's (I usually end up calling and asking if they are coming)- Not necessary in a casual potluck if you have plenty of last minute seating.

Within days after the party take the ward list and highlight the names of the couples who came and highlight the couples that you won't extend a second invitation to so that you know as the months go by which people you will be inviting. If you have colored pencils you could highlight all the guests of each party in the same color. This makes for easy reference.

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