Friday, February 13, 2009

Moroccan Scroll Invitation templates

You can find the template to make this invitation at the following website:
To see all the instructions go to that website, but here is a supply list:
3 pks-Postal Tubes - choose a color
2 pks-Parchment Paper - choose a style & color
1-Ink Pad - choose a color
1-Rubber Stamp - choose a design
17 meters -Ribbon - choose your own from a local store (55cms per invitation)
2 bags -Heart Confetti - for the finishing touches (you could use the freeze dried rose petals if your budget allows)
You will also need: Access to a computer and printer, a pair of scissors, a tape measure or ruler and a volunteer to help tie the ribbon!

i) Print your invitation onto an A4 (single) sheet of paper (you can use the free Word templates downloadable from the top of this page).
ii) Print your reply so that 2 fit onto 1 sheet of A4 paper (free Word templates downloadable from the top of this page are set up like this already).
iii) Cut the replies in half so each one is A5 in size (a guillotine provides the best finish - but scissors are fine if you're careful!)
iv) Cut your ribbon into the following lengths: For the invitation scroll 20 x 30cms For the reply scroll 20 x 25cms
v) Tie the invitation ribbon lengths around something like a broom handle - or something with a diameter of about 25mm. Trim the ends at an angle.
vi) Stamp the rubber stamp motif onto the top centre of your invitation and reply scrolls - practice first to make sure you know where the middle is - how much ink to use, and how hard to press.Leave these to dry for about an hour.vii) Roll each invitation scroll (start rolling from the bottom of the invitation with it face up) so that it's small enough to slide into your ties - it will expand to fit the tie as you let go.
viii) Now roll up the replies as above - but as tight as you can. You'll need a friend here - so get someone to hold each reply scroll as you tie the ribbon around it. Try one first - when you've done it - it should slide inside the invitation scroll. If it didn't - do it again - but roll tighter!
ix) Place each scroll set into a postal tube. If you have printed or written your guests names, make sure you have stuck the address labels onto the postal tubes so you don't forget who each invitation is for! Add a pinch of rose petals or confetti inside each tube for the finishing touch.

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