Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dollar Store Auction

My sister called me yesterday wanting some game ideas and it was hard to come up with ideas spur of the moment. But later I started combining a number of different games in my head to create this game for 5-12 couples plus the hosts. With this game every individual gets a game sheet (see below) and a pencil. There are around 27 statements. Give each individual read (to themselves) all the statements and circle any that apply to them. Then a preappointed banker (the host wife or her husband) goes around and gives out fake money in the amount of the points they earned. So if someone has circled 20 statements that would be 100 'fake dollars' . After all guests have their money then the host has the dollar store prizes and puts them under bowls, boxes, large mixing bowls, in a bag or whatever is needed to hide its identity. Like the food auctions on Survivor reality show where they didn't know what they were bidding on. (at the bottom of this post is my sister Marta's questionaire. She got her prizes and plans to be like Vanna White and make them really look appealing though in reality they may be quite dumb or silly)
Then you point to the first prize (under a bowl or box or in a bag) and say, "We'll start the bidding at $5. Do I hear $5.?" Then if someone says '$5.' or 'I will' then you will say, "We have $5.... does anyone bid $10?" and you go as high as the bidding allows. In case of a tie have a final random question that they must answer to break the tie. Then you reveal the prize and give it to the winner. This is fun because it's unknown what they are bidding on and often a man gets a woman's prize and vice versa. To keep it cost efficient buy prizes over an extended period of time before you plan on having the party or just cruise the aisles of the dollar store and you may be surprised at the stuff you find.
Here is a sample copy of the questionnaire:

Questions:For each of the following sentences that apply to you circle it, you get 5 points for each answer that applies to you so add them up and you’ll receive your auction tickets.

1. I am the oldest child in my family
2. I am the youngest child in my family
3. I shared a bedroom with a sibling as a child
4. I had a Cabbage Patch Doll
5. I played with Transformers or Power Rangers
6. I know who Erik Estrada is (Chips Patrol)
7. I have seen an episode of Bay Watch
8. I wore jelly shoes and acid washed jeans in the 80’s
9. I loved Boyz II Men
10. I grew up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost every day
11. My mom made us eat Spam as kids
12. I love Spam NOW!
13. I got a long really well with my siblings growing up.
14. My mom and I never had a screaming match as teenagers.
15. I think the 90’s was the best decade ever!!!
16. I didn’t attend any of my high school proms
17. I took woodshop or autoshop in high school
18. I didn’t have a serious relationship in high school
19. I went to college and actually graduated
20. I served an LDS mission
21. I met my spouse at church
22. My spouse and I shared our first kiss over the alter (worth an additional 10 points- if anyone actually did this… how the heck did you wait?????)
23. I have sung or do sing in the ward choir
24. I am a better cook than my mother.
25. I can do basic home repairs better than my dad
26. I call my parents at least once a week
27. I’m the one who potty trains the kids


Valentine’s Auction

Add up the number of points that apply to you. Take that total to the banker and collect your cash. You are then eligible to enter the Valentine’s Auction to win a fantastic prize!!!

1. Do you have children? 4 points
2. Do you have pets? 2 points
3. Are you wearing red? 2 points
4. Did you say “I love you” first when dating? 5 points
5. Do you tell your spouse “I love You” at least once a day? 5 points
6. Do you talk to your spouse at least twice a day on the phone? 2 points
7. Do watch sports on TV at least twice a week? 2 points
8. Do you hate Football? 2 points
9. Have you ever made out in a car? 5 points
10. Have you ever been caught making out by your parents? 10 points
11. Have you ever been to Disneyland? 2 points
12. Have you ever been fired from a job? 5 points
13. Have you ever cried at the movies? 2 points
14. Have you ever been snorkeling? 5 points
15. Have you ever broken a bone? 5 points
16. Have you ever been in a car accident? 5 points
17. Do you exercise at least once a week? 2 points
18. Do you swear when no one is listening? 5 points
19. Do you shave or apply makeup in the car? 5 points
20. Have you ever been hit by a paintball? 2 points
21. Have you been out of the country? 2 points
22. Have you ever met anyone famous? 3 points
23. Do you eat cereal for breakfast on a regular basis? 3 points
24. Did you watch CHIPS Patrol when you were a kid? 1 point
25. Do you like frosted sugar cookies better than chocolate chip cookies? 5 points
26. Have you ever gone dancing to a night club? 5 points
27. Are you taller than 5’8”? 2 points
28. Have you ever kissed on a first date? 5 points
29. Did you cry at your wedding? 10 points
30. Did you get in a fight on your honeymoon? 5 points
31. Are you wearing socks? 1 point
32. Have you been sick in the last month? 1 point
33. Have you cleaned the car this week? 2 points
34. Have you seen the movie, “Twilight”? 2 points
35. Have you played Guitar Hero? 1 point
36. Are you scared of the dark? 3 points
37. Do you like kissing in the dark? 3 points
38. Has your spouse given you a massage in the last month? 5 points
39. Have you given a massage in the last month? 5 points
40. Do you have a church calling? 1 point
41. Have you ever gone bunjee jumping? 2 point
42. Are you pregnant? 5 points
43. Are you a morning person? 2 points
44. Do you know the shoe size of your spouse? 5 points
45. Do you know the name of your spouse's first girlfriend? 2 points
46. Do you check your email every day? 1 point
47. Do you talk to a member of your extended family every day? 1 point
48. Did you read from a book this week? 1 point
49. Have you kissed your spouse today? 5 points
50. Have you held the hand of your spouse today? 2 points

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