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Moroccan Dinner Party- Maggie style!

Creating a table like this does not have to cost you a fortune... if you have the basics around your home. Which you most likely already do....
Notice the jewel colored linens..the tablecloths, napkins... and even some ceramic vases

**photos are from the Hostess with the website as well as most of these ideas!

To throw a Moroccan dinner party you really don't have to spend a fortune. Before you even send out the invites go around your home and see what decor your already have. Think about using rich colors that are reminiscent of a spice market. Some great color combinations could be burgundy/gold/purple, magenta/purple/gold, orange/red/yellow, and magenta/red/gold. If you don't like warm colors, you can opt to use cool shade combinations like blue/yellow/silver, navy/tan/blue, or teal/blue/tan. The great thing about a Moroccan theme is that you can make just about any color combination work. If you select one color you really want and pair it with a similar shade and an accent color, you'll find it hard to go wrong. For the purpose of planning one party I am going with "Jewel colors"... fuchsias, turquoises, aqua... and GOLD! Walk around your house and see what you have... do you have any curtains, bedspreads, sheets, pillows (also pillows that are silky, brocade,different shapes) and interesting pieces of furniture? Can you go into your backyard and find any rounded stones, and twigs. Head out to your husbands tool shed or look in the garage for any interesting gadgets to spray paint. If you have any good finds and you like the color then make that the main color and coordinate everything else around it. If you are like me... you aren't too shy to send out an email to friends and family nearby asking to borrow any bright shiny tablecloths or dinnerware. Take it to the floor: For an intimate party, it’s fun to celebrate at low tables with floor pillows instead of the standard table and chairs. If you don’t own a low table, you can create one from a large piece of plywood propped up with cinder blocks, milk crates, book stacks, or small coffee tables. And if you are really ambitious consider making walls of fabric and a fabric ceiling to feel like a tent. Once your Moroccan-themed table coverings are in place, no one will know the difference!
Use fabric that has geometric patterns to recreate the look of Moroccan rugs.
For the seating, gather any large pillows that you already own
Invitation Ideas
Give your guests an idea of what will be in store for them at the reception by sending out Moroccan theme invitations. You'll want to find something that corresponds to your wedding colors. Invites with intricate knot designs or tile motifs will work well. You could also opt for scroll invitations. A beautiful gold scroll invitation would be sure to pique your guests' interest. If you can't find the perfect invitation in your local area, search online. There are several companies that offer unique designs perfect for a Moroccan theme. Scrolls look great! The scroll below was ordered from They come in hundreds of colors and are of amazing quality.

Check out the wording of this next Moroccan inspired invitation! This invite is available at
Now the shopping trip. Go to a craft store and buy a can of Gold spray paint. If you want to make the centerpiece below and as shown in the top photo either buy the following or scrounge around the house for what you can find.
Easy Moroccan Centerpiece
You’ll need:

Large colored glass or ceramic vase
Costume jewelry (or strands of craft beads)

Tropical Leaves (real or faux)

Gold curly willow or other branches

Drape the necklaces around the vase at different angles for a fun, eclectic look. Use necklaces you already own, borrow from friends, or check the clearance rack at your local discount stores for fabulous prices on costume jewelry. (All of the necklaces pictured here were purchased on clearance at Target for $2 to $4 each.)

Personalize it: For a birthday party or bridal shower, use glittery chipboard numbers to add the guest of honor’s age or initials to the vase.
Once the vase is decorated, insert a few large tropical leaves and/or metallic gold branches... and you're done!
Display the centerpiece on a pretty gold or brass charger plate.

Spray paint faux tropical leaves gold

Additional Table Decor

I LOVE this centerpiece. All you need is a gold charger, some candles. a beaded necklace(optional), a couple matching 12x12 scrapbook papers that are jeweled toned or gold and one of your #10 cans (like what the church cannery uses for food storage). Cut the paper to fit all the way around the can. Cover and glue/tape. The arrange as shown! So easy!

Spray paint rounded stones and around table top. You could add some gold coins from a party store and scatter as well.

Decorate pillar candles with strips of Moroccan-inspired papers and costume jewelry. I can't stress enough.... candles... votives.... romantic light....

Place Settings

Use gold leaf charger plates and translucent colored dishes & glassware. I bought my gold leaf chargers at Ross in Las Vegas this summer (4 chargers for $4.99) and I bought 4 boxes of them so that I'd have enough for most of my dinner parties. I have used them for our Asian parties, Italian, and Chinese New Year. I promise you will get a lot of use out of them if you through a few parties a year. Check discount stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls for great deals on these types of items.

A spray painted rope adds a nice touch to the stem of a goblet.... it will really class up a glass of water.

Mix things up by using assorted colors of table linens & napkins. Embellish napkins with rich details like sheer ribbon, beads, and gold craft jewelry chains for a glitzy, eclectic look.
To make napkin holders you can get small chain inexpensively at the hardware store... or buy some in the jewelry section of the craft store. Cut and spray paint. Allow to dry a few days then wrap around the napkin. You can make table runners from a silky plain or patterned sheet cut into equal widths and sewed to make a few runners. If you keep your eyes open for sales or get those 40% off coupons you can buy fabric to make your own placemats and napkins.


Include a small gift/party favor for guests at each place setting. Fill colored glass votives with iridescent, jewel-toned candies to match the tableware. Or get some Embellish the favors with gold ribbon and beads or a metallic jewelry charm, then set them on top of small gold foil doilies, in the upper left of each setting.

If you can afford it hire a belly dancer for entertainment. Many smaller communities have belly dancing classes at the rec centers. Maybe you could have a teacher come and give guests a quick lesson and do a small performance for a smaller fee than hiring a professional.

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