Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year Invitations

I typed my invitations in a Word document. I set paper size as the letter sized document with two columns and narrow margins. I was able to fit a total of four invites on each piece of vellum when printed. I cut the four invites out then set aside. I took a 12x12 Chinese print scrapbook patterned cardstock and cut it into 3 strips sized 3x12. I made matchbook invitations (see template in previous post). I had a few extra scraps and made a few other styles of invites.
(I have to say that I love making these invitations because the paper has a nice texture. Some paper felt like homemade paper, and some was raised print and feel great to the touch!)

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NanaBear said...


Your invites are so neat. Thanks for showing me how to be a better hostess.

Luv your new friend