Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Western Party

from and my own ideas

*Create a WANTED poster as the invitation to your party! Roll it up with all of the party details on the inside, and tie it with a bandanna. Use parchment colored paper and black lettering.
*Hand deliver a colorful cowboy hat to your guests with all of the exciting party details folded up inside of the hat. Make sure to request that your guests come to the party wearing the invitation (the hat, not the paper). Guests can also be told they can wear Native American garb.
*Buy cowbells, paint the name of each guest on the outside and attach the party details to the ringer inside. Send or hand-deliver. Cowbells can be found at your local novelty store or discount mass merchandiser.

*First, set the stage for your event with real hay bales outside the entrance. Use real or plastic cactus around the hay as well to really give your presentations some depth. Plastic snakes should be all around the ground, but fear not, your cowboys and cowgirls will surely be able to handle them. If you have one or can borrow or rent one, place a western-style saddle on top of one of the bales. Naturally, this setting wouldn't be complete without a longhorn steer somewhere nearby. Or better yet put up a Split Rail Fence with a Plastic Longhorn Skull and Wagon Wheel strategically placed to make your prairie scene realistic. (

*Make a sign that welcomes guests that reads:' Welcome to Mike & Junes O.K. Corral' or Welcome to the Freeman's Old West'

*When guests arrive greet them with their own tomahawks or sheriff badges

*Play traditional country music in the background like Johnny Cash, Loretta Young, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings. Or instrumental fiddle music.

*Hang "wanted" posters all over the walls with the host/hostesses pictures as well as a jointed American Indian, cowboy, and other western cutouts. Hang "Cowboys" and "Cowgirls" signs on your bathroom doors. Use rope to make lassos and hang as garland.

Tables and Centerpieces
*Use checkered toppers over red linens for great looking tables, and use solid red and solid white napkins (every other place setting) for a little more pizazz. Denim table covers are another way to go, too. You can even use metal sheriff's badges as napkin rings (pin one in the middle of each napkin). If paper products are the way to go, You can use country check plates, napkins and table covers combined with apple red cutlery is a necessity, too.
*A cactus makes a wonderful centerpiece for a western party! Tie red and blue bandannas around your clay pots to brighten up those cactus plants. Stick mini-spurs in the plant soil for an added WOW. You can find these in a toy store or toy department of your local stores.
*Another fun idea is to re-create a "western setting" in the middle of the table. For a really creative centerpiece, use an old-style metal coffeepot, a bandanna-lined basket (that you can fill with just about anything), some old-style metal coffee cups, and several bottles of fancy barbecue sauce. Just arrange these all together in the center of the table.

Western Menu
*The most popular type of food for a western theme party is barbecued anything. Whether you feast on chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, or steak, make sure that you cover the food in rich and tasty barbecue sauces. Other great foods to add to the menu at this party are chili, stew, and baked beans. Don't forget a variety of salsas, chips and other dips. For unique ways to serve food try these ideas:

*Place a small bowl in the top of a cowboy boot and fill it with salsa. Use boots of different sizes to give your salsa bar depth and variety

*Use a real cowboy hat, turned upside down and line with a check napkin to hold chips. You can place bowls inside the hats, too, if you are hesitant about napkins.

*Tie bandannas around other bowls and lay them flat underneath serving platters to carry your theme throughout.

Pan for Gold
Early settlers scanned the Western frontier for gold. Honor the history and tradition of what brought people West with this game. Fun for kids and adults.
Ingredients needed:
Plastic or Mesh Strainers
Polished Stones
(Have guests each take a tray and a stainer and pan for gold. An alternative idea is to bury treasures in 4 or 5 haystacks)

Tin Can Target

Empty Cans
Water Guns
Score Card

To Play
Set up on a wall a long row of empty cans and behind the wall for extras.
Purchase enough water guns for your guests. Buy all of the same kind so that everyone has a fair chance. Make sure that the guns shoot far otherwise the cans won’t get knocked over.
Prior to the party fill up the water guns with water.
Draw a line with chalk or use rope to create a dividing line between the wall and where everyone will stand.
Have everyone line up about six to seven feet in front of the cans, one person per can, and handout the water guns.
Everyone shoots at the cans. When someone knocks it over they get a point.
Do a few rounds.
The person with the most points wins a prize.


*Since everyone loves a low maintenance plant.. what about a cactus?
*Open a bandanna put some treats inside, gather ends together and tie shut with raffia.
*Vinyl horses make great cardholders for your food names on the buffet table.

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