Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner Music for a buck

A few months ago I went to the dollar store looking for some acrylic platters (which I did find), but I saw a shelf of music. There were many CD's of music and quite a variety! I ended up getting quite a few CD's. You can't beat a dollar! I knew they could be good for our background music during dinner. I got a couple CD's they were:
Mariachi Party
Pinata Party
Fiesta Music
Romantic Piano music
Celtic music
Caribbean Steel Drums
Sea Music
Love Guitar
and a few others though I don't remember exactly what they were.
I have listened to most of them and am pleased with the quality. They will be perfect for our dinner parties.
I have a few disco CD's that I got cheap at Walmart just before our disco party and I got off Itunes the Chinese traditional music for our asian parties.

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jenjen said...

Great idea - I have fallen in love with the Dollar Store this year!

Love your blog!!!