Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candlelight Dinner ideas for this Friday night

These were store bought 3-D invites that I got at Michael's in the dollar bin. All guests were asked to bring a vegetable dish or a meatless rice or potato dish to share.

Day after tomorrow is our dinner party. It will be different from any that we have had yet. It will be candlelit, so I have been collecting lots of pillar, 3 inch and tea light candles and candleholders. I think that I have enough candles for 3 tables. Tomorrow night I'll have Jeff set up the 2 library tables and dining table so that on Friday I can get tablecloths on them, placemats, chargers, and everything else just before our guests arrive. I was going to use our red tablecloths.... but if it's going to be somewhat dim having the dark red will make it even darker. I will use my white knit tablecloths instead, with red placemats and gold chargers. I also will bring down our glass goblets. I already have our punch bowl that I plan to fill with some kind of
'wedding reception' type of drink and maybe even dig out another punch bowl for ice water. I'll play the romantic piano music CD and have guests share their 'item' from when they were dating their spouse. It can be any kind of momento that has a little story behind it.
I will be baking a ham (I need to make up the honey/orange juice/brown sugar/pineapple glaze for it) and also do the dessert. I'd like to make the blondie from Applebee's. We'll see what I have time to do. Luckily I got my dining room wall painted just in time. It is now a bright gold and I'm far from done!!! I think it will make our dinner parties even more fun with the new fun colors in my house.

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