Friday, February 20, 2009

Candlelight Dinner

Scott and Holly Wortley

Mike and Annette Browne

Justin and Fiola Berrett

Jeff and Maggie Goebel
Conrad and Amber Johnson

Kerry and Stayce Ruesch

NOT PICTURED (they showed up late) are Curtis and Whitney Ross

I took the fake fire and decided to make a fake firebox on the buffet bar.... what was I thinking? I painted over writing on the box just an hour or so before guests arrived.

The Ham
Our table.... minutes before all the girls ended up on one side with our husbands on the other side across from us.
It looks quite dark, but it actually ended up being perfect!
We had a wonderful dinner party tonight. We had 6 couples come to our home and enjoy a great evening with us. I baked a ham, made a slushy drink, and I bought some cheesecakes for dessert earlier today. Jeff set up the tables in our living room last night and I spent today getting the tables set. By mid afternoon most of the work was done which was the earliest that I have ever had our tables ready to go. Usually I'm rushing right up until (and sometimes after) guests arrive getting placemats and place settings onto the table. I think I actually got to greet some guests in the living room which is rare because I'm usually finishing up all the last minute details like water glasses, serving utensils put out, and so many other little details. The menu:
Green Salad
Corn and Peas
Cheddar vegtables
Rice with onion gravy
Cheesy Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Slushy Punch
After eating the main course I gathered the dirty dinner dishes and we put slices of cheesecake onto plates. We then had guests pick their flavor of cheesecake. We did our get to know you game which we changed slightly. Since husbands and wives weren't sitting together I handed EVERY single person a piece of paper and pen and had them write something that they have done with their spouse that no one would know about. It was fun to hear the guys and the girls share different facts about themselves. A few memorable stories were:
One couple had a 10 hour first date.
One couple got engaged over the Grand Canyon
One husband while they were dating pretended to be proposing on her birthday and got on one knee and gave her a watch instead of a ring
One couple took a 48 hr RV trip with 4 other couples during their 1st Anniversary
One couple had a very awkward couples massage in Hawaii
At the end of one couples first date she told him that she had done that same date earlier that day. That is also the place they got engaged.

Video Ann took of me making the fireplace

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