Sunday, February 22, 2009

Party To Do List

2 Months prior
· Set party budget
· Choose party theme
· Make guest list

1 Month prior
· Collect/Buy décor
· Plan a menu
· Choose party activities/games
· Make invitations
2 weeks prior
· Deliver or mail invitations with an RSVP request one week before the dinner
· If doing party favors start getting them done as the RSVP’s start coming in
1 week prior
· If you haven’t heard back from all the guests you could call to verify their attendance
· If borrowing décor from friends go pick up now
1 day prior
· Some dishes can be prepared in advance and refrigerated and baked the next day
· Many desserts and appetizers can be prepared in advance
· Hang/set out décor
· To cut down on party day craziness get the tables and chairs set up early
Day of party
· Set tables with tablecloths, placemats, chargers, silverware, napkins, drinking glasses….
· If serving buffet style have a stack of plates at front of buffet line
· If having serve yourself dessert then put extra small plates and extra utensils near dessert
· I prefer dessert not being brought out till after the meal to keep it fresh and a surprise
· Get food cooked! Hot out of the oven if need by or cold out of the fridge.
· Fill punch bowl or glass pitchers with ice water. Fill glasses at water at the table.
· Have serving utensils near buffet line for guests to put into the dish they bring (if it's a potluck)
· Place clean empty garbage in the kitchen though not in site of the food or dining area for easily disposing of paper or plastic ware.

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