Monday, March 30, 2009

Maggie and Erin's Twilight Goody Bag Favors

***Reposted one month later**

Here is a sneak peak of what's in store (so far) for tomorrow night's Twilight DVD release party. As stated earlier in a post for this party- EVERYONE coming to the party is helping contribute to it in one way or another. We have 4 people assigned to bring the movie food/snacks, 2 over decor and punch, 1 over the movie set-up and the rest to bring 12 favors for the goody bags. Just like the stars sometimes get goody bags at movie premieres and the Grammy's or Oscar's - we will have our own! Because we have 28 guests expected there will be a 2 to 4 gals bringing items for the main characters, but each guest may only get ONE of each characters favors. Each guest should go home with about 10 favors in their bag. As the favors come in today I will share them with all of you (and the corresponding quote). Each item had to go with a quote from the Twilight book.


His skin was as icy as ever, but the trail his fingers left on my skin was alarmingly warm- like I'd been burned, but didn't feel the pain of it yet. - Bella (quote attached to BOTH Dentyne gums packs)


(below... Mary Kay perfume- 'Bella' Belara

Bandaids "Now he is all but immune to the scent of blood and he is able to do the work he loves without agony"

"I'm aftaid you're going to have to make a choice." Carlisle
"Something about her heart shaped face, her billows of soft caramel-colored hair reminded me of the ingenuses of the silent movie era" Bella's observation of Esme when they meet at the Cullen's





Anne Bradshaw said...

Whoa! What an amazingly creative post. Thanks for the fun read.

Just dropping by to let you know I have a super give-away contest running this week (and every week) on my LDS blog at Not Entirely British

This time, the prize is a copy of award-winning author Annette Lyon's latest release in her Temple series - Tower of Strength.

Hope you have time to hop on over and take a peek :-)

Rachael said...

This was why I didn't come...I am not creative enough to come up with all were very creative!!! I wish I were creative though!

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I know that you ARE a creative person. And I was more than happy to help people think of something to do. Next time I won't let you give me an excuse.

rachel said...

These are the best goody bags ive found. I havent seen anything like this.