Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Upcoming Twlight Movie Viewing Party- March 21


Invitation insert (note from Edward with his actual handwriting font from the book) for a guest being asked to bring 12 favors for Alice
Invitation insert (letter from Bella in her handwriting font) asking guest to bring favors inspired by Edward
Collection of inserts after inking them and cutting them out.

We are about a week and a half away from the Twilight DVD release day. My friend Erin and I will be co-hosting the movie viewing party. Erin graciously offered to have the party at her home, so while she takes care of decorating and drinks, I am doing the invitations and assembling goody bags. This party was a lot of work, but well worth it. I first sent out a feeler email to all the women I knew since I was unsure of who had read the Twlight books.
I asked them to respond if they would like to attend the party. I included the date and time so that they could check their schedules. Then I had a few stipulations listed (you can tailer them to your group- I did them to keep the group smaller than the 50 total women who wanted to attend)
1. No men or individuals under age 18 invited

2. You must be willing to contribute favors or refreshments

3. You must have read the book by the night of the party.

(that last one narrowed our group down to just under 30 women- I hated to do it, but it made for a smaller group and we want to celebrate the book characters, not so much the actors)
I heard back from 28 saying yes and about 15 saying 'no thanks'. So I made the guest list. Found some gorgeous (as you can see above) wedding invitations by Bride Magazine at Michael's craft store. The package had enough for 30. Perfect. I wrote down all the characters that I wanted to have favors for in the goody bag. This is my list of what should be in each bag-
Edward- 2 favors
Bella- 1 favor
Alice- 1 favor
Dr. Carlisle- 1 favor
Jacob- 1 favor
Esme- 1 favor

Plus a cool Twilight bookmark, magnet and a couple other fun stuff.

The hardest part was personalizing each insert with each guest's assignment. That took awhile. If anyone has Microsoft Word and would like the file emailed to them to do their own party with personalized assigments, then just let me know by commenting below and put your email so that I can send it to you.

I wanted the actual invitation inside to be uncluttered and simple. I'm happy with the results and have enjoyed delivering them today (18 down and 8 to go!). Because most people are in tough financial times not only is this party a great way to just forget for a night and have fun but for less than $15 of their own money they are getting fun suprises for others and will be taking home a goody bag FULL of stuff for themselves. I'll post photos of what is in it next week. But here's a spoiler: Belle (strawberry scented shampoo- remember in Biology class how she sniffs her hair when she see's how Edward is looking at her), Edward (marble cake mix- his lips and body are described and looking and feeling like cold marble)... and a few other fun suprises. I can't wait... I'm worried that I'll be spoiling all the suprises!!!! I'm expecting Twilight chapstick any in the mail any day.

By the way... I downloaded from the internet the Twilight Zephr font, the Edward handwriting font called Carmilla, and Bella's handwriting called Pablo.


Hayleybryn said...

That's so cool! What a great idea. I love the invitations - great job!


PoliticalFunny said...

I am planning my daughter's sweet 16 birthday. We are using a twilight theme. I would love it if you would email you list. All the help I can get the better!!

Jas said...

I would LOVE this e-mailed to me. I know that my friend and I have seen it 100 times, but I think it's fun to get all the girls together and watch it:) My husband thinks I'm crazy! Thank you so much.

Jas said...

Duh I forgot to put my e-mail down! It's jparker@slco.org. Thanks again!

Stacy said...

OMG, I just found your fabulous blog and cannot stop reading it! You are so incredibly talented and creative, I'm so jealous :)...My husband and I belong to a dinner club and we have monthly themes as well. My turn to hostess will be in October and I would like to do a Twilight themed dinner. I would be so appreciative if you could send me your invitations to use. Also, could you send me your menu? I have been struggling as to what food to serve at the dinner? Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent with all of us!
Stacy Combs

Quarterkegg, Hobbit said...

could you please send me the quest assignment you did up, I absolutly love them. Thanks Diane

I plane on throwing a party in June for the release of Eclispe.

nybabe77 said...

Hi!I LOVE your blog and i'd love to get the invitation inserts as well. Could you email them to me @ nic_at_nite77@yahoo.com. Im planning a TWLIGHT themed party for co-workers at work because we're all going to see BREAKING DAWN together when it comes out. CANT WAIT!!! Thanks!!