Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Matchbox Invitations

How to make this

First you need

  • A matchbox (you can buy them at the 99cent store)

  • Scissors or paper trimmer

  • double sided tape

  • scrapbook paper (one sheet for every 30 matchboxes)

  • embellishments to fit theme (flowers, rhinestones, ribbon, stickers, buttons)

  • The message to be on the box (party details, Thank You, Family Crest)

1) Begin by laying the match box on its side on the back of the scrap paper and with a pencil trace the size of the box. Then cut out the box outline and repeat many times! (Two per match box).
2) Next, grab your tape or glue, and glue each outline to the side of the box. Kind of like this lady (from Pamela's Gallery) did on an oversized match box here:

3) Next cut out your little monogram and glue or tape to one side of your match box.
4) Next peel off a little rhinestone and affix to wherever you want on your match box.

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