Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mexican Fiesta invitation- 2 weeks away!!! - TICKET STYLE INVITATIONS

Here is the party invitation that I originally designed for the tailgate party, but have since changed to a Mexican Fiesta. I have so many ideas swarming around my head for this party. First of all, I need to get these invites (tickets) out to the 10 couples over the next few days. I plan to give each couple two tickets- since each one admits one person. I saw these on a website and they cost $35. for 15 tickets!!! I thought to myself that I could design my own with my Adobe Photoshop Elements. And it took awhile, but I did and saved myself a lot of money. I may end up inviting a lot more people since this is such a cool theme! I'll keep you all posted!

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NorthLasVegasmom said...

I've invited 10 couples and have handed out two tickets per couple (like any real event that requires tickets). I've been very happy with the positive comments about them. I may have to recycle this idea for a different party next year.