Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Dinner Party 2 weeks away!

this post was written late at night while I was brainstorming and tapping into the little bit of creativity that I have at this moment trying to pin down the theme and accompanying ideas....
Two weeks from this Friday will be our next dinner party. I'm planning a BBQ Dinner. I have invitations planned out and party favors. I don't always do favors, but since this party will be published on a few other blogs I want it to be really fun and creative. I was at Michael's Craft store and they had BBQ condiment plastic bottles. They'd be great as invitatations. I'd just attach the invite as a hanging tag to the bottle. I could also just fill the bottles with mayo, ketchup and mustard and have on the table as condiments as well as decor. Michael's also had really cute BBQ logo (100's of times over and over) OVEN MITTS. So.. they'll be favors. I am going to have to use my white tablecloths and am making denim placemats with frayed edges and a pocket for either a napkin or silverware.

So... as far as tableware. I will not do the typical plasticware, and paper products that you normally associate with a BBQ. This BBQ will be a step above a traditional one. The colors I'm going with are the colors in the mitt which are orange, lime green, brown, black and cream, with small red accents. At Michael's for just over $2.00 were flower arrangements that will make nice centerpieces. I'm not sure what plates I'll use. I may see if I can borrow 20 of them from my church house. No chargers at this meal that would make it too formal. It would look out of sorts with denim placemats. The cups that I want for this party are the glass pint jars for the lemonade. I'm almost wondering if BBQ isn't the right theme for this party. Yes.. we will be eating BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers... but it's a more formal affair. Maybe.... a 1940's County Fair picnic... or a BarnRaising. Earlier today I was instant messaging on Facebook with Fiola, a friend from church, and was bouncing ideas off her. I love being able to talk through parties with her. It seems to help me to talk through parties aloud. I also spoke with my mom about the theme. I may go with the 1950's BBQ... it evokes images of a simpler time .... plus I can dig out a really cute apron! Well... I'm going back and forth on all the details. I'll let you know more details as they unfold.

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The Felde's said...

Maggie, you are soooo talented! I love what you do, what a great way to get to know people. I wish I live close so I could come.