Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mexican Fiesta- The night before checklist

Here is my to-do list for tomorrow's Dinner Party:

Before Noon- Friday:
Wash chairs and place them around the table
Clean off all counters (make kitchen very clean!)
Line up on buffet bar: water pitchers, 15 glass goblets, soup bowls, plates, chip and salsa bowls
Front door welcome sign????
Make centerpieces
Tie up napkin/silverware with raffia
Find taco cart
Get game ready (tear paper strips and 7 pens)

During kids naptime:
Make Fideo (noodle soup)
Cut tomatillos, onion, press garlic, line up spices for salsa near stove, mince jalapeƱos, cans of diced red tomatoes
Set table
Mop kitchen floor
Clean bathroom

Go get tamales from lady in 99cent store parking lot
Then go to Smith's buy vanilla icecream, tortilla chips

Clean up front entry and back patio
Bring in empty garbage with clean liner

Begin making salsa (with extra for Marta)
Load dishwasher so that countertops are clean

Get dressed and put on some make-up
Reheat Fideo
Steam Tamales if needed and cut in half
Fill chip baskets and salsa bowls
Fill taco cart (sour cream, onion, lime, tortillas, chips, salsa)
Fill water goblets with ice and water
Put fideo into soup bowls and serve to guests at 6:30pm

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fordfamily said...

Wow what a great to do list! Maybe if I start writing my stuff down like that I will get it done! I need to get busy working on my dinner get together..