Friday, April 17, 2009

Una Fiesta Buenisima!!!!

Maggie and Jeff Goebel

Laurie and Kelvin Gebbs

Julie and Jon Brown
Marlon and Jill Waite

Ryan and Tammara Leaver

Corrina Pallas

Kristi and Rob Collins
Brock and Sara Bingham
Candi and Mike Wilhite
The party decor (seating for 17) 3 hours before the party

The placesetting (silverware rolled up in napkin)
The 'condiment' Taco Cart
One of the small cactus' that I bought for centerpieces. They are very attractive.
Another cactus with paper mache food
The table just before adding chips and salsa to the tables.

We had our 10th party tonight. The theme was a Mexican Fiesta. We had all sorts of good food to eat and 17 good friends to visit with. These parties are always such fun! Above are the photographs of tonight's guests. Here's the MENU (and who brought what):

Sopa de Fideo (Goebel's)

Homemade Tomatillo Salsa (Goebel's)

Homemade Guacamole (Waites)

Taco Salad (Gebbs)

Refried Beans (?)

Spanish Rice (Wilhites and Waites)

Seven Layer Dip (Collins)

Carnitas (Browns)

Tamales (Goebels)

Quesadillas (Leavers)

Vanilla Icecream (Binghams)

Churros (Waites)

And thanks Jill and Marlon for the bouquet of flowers. So thoughtful!!!

Finally. The get to know you game that we always play....

Can you guess who...............

1. Three days after getting married, her husband went back to Germany and they were apart for 5 months until she could go join him!!!

2. Went on the Price is Right on their honeymoon?

3. While vacationing they visited a cemetary and photographed the inside of a grandma's grave?

4. She blew off her husband the first time they met?

5. They met in a grocery store and she finally went up to him and asked him if he wanted her phone number?

6. Was married on a Saturday and had to be back in school on Monday back in Provo?

7. They went on their honeymoon with a mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws?

8. On their wedding night the husband wanted to leave the curtain open in their hotel room?

(Answers: 1. Corinna, 2. Wilhites, 3. Goebel's, 4. Binghams, 5. Leavers, 6. Browns, 7. Collins, 8. Waites)

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kara said...

que bien!!! your parties rock! we are a lot alike :). thanks for adding my button to your side bar! do you have one i could add to mine? we'll have to keep in touch and share ideas for sure :). i can't belive you host a dinner EACH month..that's A LOT of work! way to go!
thanks for your comment.