Friday, July 31, 2009

A First Time for Everything at our Christmas in July dinner

Krystal and Brian Slade

Melissa and Travis Russell

Kristi and Robert Collins

Tonight we had our 13th monthly dinner party. Since last winter we have talked about having a Christmas in July dinner. We thought it would be fun to have a small reprieve from the Vegas heat... so a few days in a 'Winter Wonderland' would be fun! And it has been fun! We got everything set up yesterday with a lot of meal preparations started early. We were a little concerned when two couples did not show up for the dinner. Both had RSVP'd so we waited until almost 7 for them and I attempted to call them, but when they were not reachable we went ahead and began.

The food we ate and who brought what:

The Goebel's- Breakfast Casserole and Potato Soup
The Collins- Broccoli Salad
The Russell's- Sweet Potato Casserole
The Slade's- Turkey with stuffing and Strawberry Cheesecake

There was plenty of food for everyone. I was a little nervous about us having enough dessert, but it worked out perfectly.
We all sat at one end of the table and enjoyed some great company. Everyone shared a Christmas tradition from their childhood. Some of them were:

  • Waking up at 2am to open presents because mom just couldn't wait(Travis Russell)

  • Unshelled peanuts filled her stocking every year as well as 'inappropriate' gifts under the tree. (Krystal Slade)

  • Being drug through the snow by dad driving a car while the kids were sitting on a car hood. (Brian Slade)

  • Wrapping up family member's old stuff, putting it under the tree for them for Christmas and seeing if they realize that it's the one they already owned. (Kristi Collins)

  • Decorating the tree with the same wooden painted German ornaments every year of his life at home. (Jeff Goebel)

  • The Mexican tradition to have Santa fill a shoe instead of a stocking. (Maggie Goebel)

  • And the get to know you game that we always play:
    Guess who did what....

    • Took a road trip across the country and while one of them was sleeping the other one drove 2 states in the wrong direction

    • She called him on the phone while he was on a date with another girl, but he was acting so weird that she decided not to talk to him again. Since she never gave him her number luckily he had it on caller ID and was able to call her back... and now.. they are married!

    • They were homeless for the first 8 months of their marriage living in hotels.

    • The other one was ours.... and I'm not sharing it since we do the same one almost every month.

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