Friday, August 14, 2009

Jungle Safari Theme

This party normally is a child's party theme.... but here are some ideas to make it for adults.

INVITATION IDEAS:"It's a jungle out there! Come join us for a swinging good time!"
Here is an invitation idea from

Choose from Cheetah(white), Leopard (beige), Zebra or Tiger 11 inch latex balloons. Your guests will roar with delight! Packages of 12 or 100. $6.99 per package of 12 balloons or $34.99 for a mixed package of 100.

Hang up blue tablecloths on the wall at the end of the room-hang from the ceiling to be the waterfall" and
then connected a few more blue ones to run through the room as the "river". You can use fake house plants from friends and family to create a jungle feel. Put shredded green paper on the ground for "grass". If you have a wooden bridge in your backyard you could use it as a jungle bridge.Use stuffed animals to be your 'wild animals. Glue green paper tissue leaves on a light green raffia rope to look like vine all around the living room walls. Hang some stuffed animals from these and also from the chandelier etc. Sew a tablecloth from cheetah print for the buffet table.borrow some of her gorgeous artifacts like statues and drums. Decorate the house with a wall covering that looks like bamboo. You can find this at party stores typically in the Luau section. Make flowers and leaves out of colorful crepe paper. you can hang these all over the house and backyard along with strands of raffia. Decorate your canopy outside with the flowers and leaves. iF YOU CAN GET SOME KHAKI OR NATURAL NETTING OR A SHEET PAINTED IN CAMOFLAUGE. You can also hang a big paper parrot (Oriental Trading) in the middle of the canopy.

You can also play music of African drum music, or Rainforest sounds. If you're having the safari theme party in the evening, you can place tiki torches all around your yard and everyone will feel as if they're in Africa!

You can use this gossamer to cover the furniture, walls, ceiling, table, etc., instantly and easily transforming them into a wild safari scene.
This Zebra print or Cheetah print gossamer costs $19.95 for a 19x25 ft. roll. Description:
For decorating magic and makeover miracles, nothing beats gossamer's versatility and durability. Create the adventure of an African safari by covering walls and ceilings with this lightweight material. This unique material makes super backdrops. It's also a wonderful accent for columns, walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. All designs come in 19" or 60" widths and is available in 25 yd. 50 yd. and 100 yd. rolls. (Is not flame retardant.)

"Danger! Tiger Trap Ahead!" "Hippos in Hiding!" "Beware! Lion's Den!" "Watch out for Stampeding Zebras" and in one large tree we hung monkeys gorillas and orangutans of every shape and size and labeled this our "Monkey Hangout" followed by signs to "beward of falling banana peels".

ACTIVITIES:If you have a group of people who are easy going or adventurous this game should be a lot of fun. Before the party have one slip of paper for every guest. Guests will have the name of an animal (from the jungle, of course) written on their piece of paper. Write each animals name twice (but on different pieces of paper). Guests draw a paper from the pile and show it to no one. Then when everyone has seen their paper (making sure that every animal written on the paper has a match) the host shouts out "It's jungle dinner time" and everyone makes the sound of their named animal or acts it out. The goal is to find your mate. Monkey to Monkey, Snake to Snake, Tiger to Tiger, Crocodile to Crocodile, Hippo to Hippo, Bird to Bird, Lemur to Lemur, Elephant to Elephant, Zebra to Zebra, Butterfly to Butterfly (this insect would be a tough one to do). When they find their animal mate they must go take a seat at the dinner table. The last 'animals' standing are out and if you have a really laid back group you could make them wear an animal hat (something with ears on it). Or it could be a fun way to get everyone to the dinner table. Guests should have placecards designating their preassigned seat so that they may sit with their spouse/date.

Snacks could be- "tree bark" for Chex Mix "Tiger Tails" for Cheetos and "Caviar" for golden fish crackers. The main menu could consist of "Grilled Boa" for hotdogs "Ananconda Delight" for grilled chicken breast and "Water Buffalo Burgers" for hamburgers. Also good would be a tropical drink menu that could include "Fresh water-buffalo milkshakes" "Bug Juice" for Red Hawaiian Punch and "Jungle Juice" for green Hawaiian punch. Make your own fruit centerpiece. Take an empty half watermelon and fill it with green grapes (vines) and banana coins (bananas sliced to look like coins). Here are instructions for making these crazy looking sandwiches:

(from Monique Williams the party girl who did this post originally)
"I did not make the sandwiches myself. I have a very talented friend that did this for me. She basically used the painted toast activity. So I put the directions all below. All is the same minus the butter. She also stated that you don't want to use too much on the bread because it will make it too soggy and really watch it while in the toaster oven or the oven because you don't want it to get too brown. I hope this helps! Enjoy"
Painted Toast
2 tablespoons milk
Food coloring
Clean paintbrush
White bread

Mix the milk with a few drops of food coloring in a small container.
Use a paintbrush to paint designs or faces on the bread.
Then toast the bread, butter it, and eat it, or use it to make a sandwich.


Heather Justesen said...

What a fun idea. I'm going to have to search your archives for some ideas!

Latora said...

How are these sandwiches made? I would love to serve these for my upcoming safari event. HELP!!

The Baroness said...

I've added the instructions for the sandwiches to the post. Go check it out!

Latora said...

Thanks a ton!!