Monday, September 7, 2009

Your Parties: Elegant Italian, Brooks Gailey

Here are some of the details of Brooks dinner party:
The Menu:
1) Four Courses:
1. Zuppa Toscana Soup
2. Parisian Salad
3. Grilled Chicken with Fetticcine Alfredo
4. Frozen Lemon Custard

The recipes were really yummy, and I had a few requests for the soup.I really enjoyed the party. There was lots of talking during each course, and so conversation was never dry. I would definitely host again. Trouble is, I would be tempted to reuse everything and just do the same party over again, it turned out so well.

-We played "The Newlywed Game" after the meal which was fun... I think that it all depends on the group that you have. I got a "Lifetime Supply of Spam" (one can) for the winner of the game, to make it seem more "Gameshow-esque".

-The only snag was that some of our guests arrived a little early and we were running behind. Dinner was still cooking, I wasn't dressed, I hadn't nursed the baby or dropped him off at the sitter, and then my car battery died. The party started 20-30 minutes late, but they were all very understanding. I think that if I did it again, I would love to manage my time better in order to be a better hostess. I really did want to answer the door and usher in the guests, which didn't happen.
What I liked most about it: Slowing down time for a minute. I feel like I am always rushing, even when I go out to dinner, the waiter is always trying to hurry things along, to get the table back for more tips. I can't blame them, but I liked having it at my own pace and I liked the "Time Warp" feel of it all. After-all, how often do we, as Mormons, have actual dinner parties... and not potluck? Not often.

4) I also made Thank-You cards that coordinated with the original invites to send the guests after the party. I took a picture of each couple during the dinner, then edited it in Picasa and printed a 4 x 6 for each to put into the Thank-You card. I think that adds a nice touch to remind them of the fun for the evening, not to mention a nice memento for them for a scrapbook.

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