Friday, November 13, 2009

Twilight/ New Moon Inspired Inexpensive party favors or prizes

While looking for items for prizes and party favors for last Spring's Twilight party I found these items at a Michael's craft store. They would work for any Twilight party (regardless of the book).
Shown in the picture is a red/black damask vinyl zippered bag. It's really cute and could actually hold quite a bit inside. Also the black/white bag. Just a few months ago I found the white/black notebook with red plastic spiral binding. Also... I found the black/white note memo cube. (If you want the blue ribbon is easily removable.).
Each of these items were $1.00 a piece! You can't beat that. If I were giving them out the bags would be filled with black, red, and white candies. And I'd probably alter the notebook somehow and place in a basket on the tables for the ladies to take one on their way home. Both the notebook and memo cube actually fit into the bag... so that would be a $3. favor plus some candy.

Twilight and New Moon Notebooks:
I am in a boutique selling handcrafted items with other women in town. I bought a few random notebooks that have the red/white and black color scheme and then I embellished with cardstock, ribbon, photos from the movie, and fun quotes. I have made about 20 to sell.... they might be added work to make your own for a party to give out as favors or prizes... but I think your guests would love them.

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