Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Parties: New Moon Party, Amy Copley

Hey Maggie, I wanted to thank you again for the invites you did for me for my party!! We just had it on Thursday night and we had a BLAST!!! I'll send you the pics in a separate email. I just had everyone bring a dish, I had sangria, too! I had the whole house decked out in Twilight colors. Red balloons, black streamers, red candles, black picture frames that contained quotes from 1st two movies, Twilight and New Moon movie posters, Wine labels, apples everywhere... it was awesome! Even outside, I had a Forks sign, Dr Cullen parking sign, and twinkle lights on the porch!! everyone loved it! We watched Twilight before heading out to the midnight showing! Everyone just had the best time!! Thanks again.


fordfamily said...

What cute pictures Amy! Great job on all the decorations! I love the Dr. Cullen parking spot! We had a small party and I have to say I got so many of my ideas from Maggie's Dinner Dates blog! Thank u. I posted pictures on my blog feel free to stop by.. Nothing to fancy but we had a great time!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Those look so fun. I got so many great ideas from your blog when planning our New Moon party. Thanks for the inspiration.