Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flirty French or Valentine Dinner- Either works!

I found this theme on quite a few different party/wedding websites. I had to share it because I immediately started thinking about the fun dinner parties I could host with this theme. When I first glanced at the colors and style I began to think hummmm... just like our Twilight party, this may end up being an all girl party. How many guys are comfortable sitting amoungst pink? But then I thought about Valentines and how it's a classy way to decorate for a romantic fun holiday or anniversary party. I must admit that I am kinda tempted to throw another girl only dinner party and deck the place out in pink and black.
As you look at the photos you may be thinking that this party decor must cost a fortune. Well... here are some ideas to decorate for less:
  1. Instead of the striped tablecloths which I'm sure don't come cheap just do all pink or black. If this is a party with guys invited... go with black and make pink the accent.

  2. Don't decorate with expensive or exotic pink flowers. Pink carnations in bunches look beautiful. Also a few roses mixed in with other flowers can go a long ways. Keep the flowers as centerpieces where they have the most impact. Buy lots of baby's breath. It's simple, understated and takes up a lot of space visually.

  3. Use all white plain plates with contrasting black napkins or pink napkins.

  4. Have bowls of pink candies rather than gourmet delicacies

  5. Borrow glass bowls and other showy pieces to display pink items. Tie bright pink ribbons around vases, on back of chairs, on single stems of flowers. Favor boxes can be made from scratch using cardstock. Pillowboxes (find template at this website )are especially easy and so attractive. Also see the matchbox invitation on this blog. It would also make a nice favor. Fill with pink breath mints. See
    6. Instead of all the towers of flowers, use those towers and put frosted pink cookies or cupcakes on glass plates and display.


Maria said...

LOVE this post.

jenjen said...

I love those colors together. So cute!