Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gift Baskets

Imagine how much MORE memorable your party will be if you have gift baskets for guests either to take with them as they leave or to enjoy looking at through out the party. These baskets could be small (see immediately below) or large as show further below. Favors should follow the party theme.
Set out little takeout boxes or other small containers that guests can use to make a take-home treat filled with their own favorite treats.
The above Welcome pouch is a great idea for overnight guests or a party to welcome new friends to the neihborhood or to your church or civic group. You could include bottled waters, bag of chips, informational literature, and a small notebook with pen.
This gift basket would be fun to give after a "Blast to the Past" party. A "Blast to the Past" party would have decor from many decades, music from all the decades, and a retro decor. Even a stand up Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Night Rider or Erik Estrada. Greet guests with a gift basket of old-fashioned treats like kettle chips, lemonade, and cherry sours. “Midnight Snack” idea pictured above - features mini bottles of milk and individually wrapped donuts in a takeout box personalized with a custom label. (Boxes and labels available at This same concept would work well as a party favor for all sorts of occasions - from birthday parties to coroporate events - and just imagine all the different possibilities for the treat combo it holds: bagels & cream cheese with mini bottles of o.j. or chilled Starbucks Frappuccinos, cookies & milk, energy drinks & trail mix or energy bars… the list goes on! P.S.- the milk is Horizon Organic milk found at:

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